Sep 6, 2009

Purchasing An Apron

Yes, I am blogging about buying an apron and yes, I am really planning on you enjoying it. I mean really, who does not like posts about other people spending money? And besides who else could write about an apron purchase but me? :)

When I got married I received a gift of an apron from a young girl I worked with at Sensuous Sandwich in Provo. This young girl was in high school and the apron she gave me had the words, "My cooking love it or heave." It has been the only apron I have owned for almost 21 years. And just to show you how totally unaware I am it was not until about 6 months ago that I became painfully aware that it was indeed a bad apron in every way I mean is it nice to tell your guests to heave ? :) I started dreaming of owning a new apron. I debated about sewing one but I really was not in the mood. I debated about asking Aunt Sarah to make me one, but poor Aunt Sarah gets the privilege of being used by her favorite sister Jennifer a lot so I decided to give her a break. So as I do with everything I want I just kept thinking about it so that when the right moment came I would not miss it.

That means anytime I have gone shopping lately I have noticed aprons...what they look like and how much they are. The all important, "Gathering Information Phase."

Yesterday, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, it was 70 degrees and not a child that I had given birth to was in sight. I was with my friend Gail. We were at Evergreen Walk which is an amazing outdoor mall. (yes, outdoor mall in Massachusetts) They have a lot of upscale shops that I love to browse in but I rarely purchase in. It really was an incredibly beautiful day. I was wearing my very, very favorite brown corduroy dress from Ann Taylor and my brown tights and a 3/4 sleeve pink cardigan sweater, the only dark rain cloud on the day may have been the fact that I was driving the only 15 passenger van for miles around. Mostly BMW's, Volvo's and the like frequent the Evergreen Walk.

So near the end of our window shopping we ended up in Anthropologie. Anthropologie is not my style in any way. But I really enjoy looking in Anthropologie. While we were looking I saw a rack with some amazing aprons. All sorts of colors. Fabulous vintage fabrics. When I look at something the first thing I always do is look at the price. That determines if I am allowed to love the item or not. The innocent enough looking sign by these aprons said $28.00 to $32.00.....gasp.... I immediately had no love for them at all. I promptly left to look at something else. But Gail is a smart woman and should have a very important job somewhere. She asked me what I would be spending that money on otherwise? Which caused me to stop and think....hmmm what would I spend it on otherwise? What else does $32.00 buy? Half of a tank of gas. 16 gallons of milk at $2.00 a gallon. You get the idea. I really wanted a new apron and if you consider that I kept this one for almost 21 years the $32.000 would be well worth it...right? So I chose an apron and quickly purchased it while trying to act like I imagine people who buy $32.00 aprons act....nonchalant.

For the first time in my life I do not have buyers remorse. I wore my apron today while I was fixing dinner for my company. I was able to dance in it to my music I was listening to while I cooked. I received compliments on my apron from guests and so the circle of life is complete. And yes, I know you want a picture so I figure if 32 of you send me a dollar I will be happy to post that picture :) JK


Kristy said...

I think you made a very excellent and wise choice, especially when you consider that you'll probably own it for a very long time. I think I like your friend Gail. :)

Jenn said...

It is a very cute apron. I would pay a dollar to see the dancing while cooking part! Maybe even more than one dollar. ;p