Sep 30, 2009

Taking The USB Port For Granted.

So what would you be doing today if you had a fever, a wicked cough, and ached all over? Yeah, I thought so.

What on earth is wrong with me? I got up at 4:45am and drove the kids to Seminary. Then I went and walked on the elliptical at Gail's house then I picked up the baby I babysit and arrived home at 7:30am. The last three children who were at home getting ready for school all begged to stay home claiming they did not feel good either. I made them go to school. Can you say mean, insensitive spreading germs kind of mom?

Then I started up the computer and wonder of wonders Mr. Mouse decided to take the day off. I could not get him to move a single inch. I called my husband who is out of town somewhere...... I told him what was wrong and he had the nerve to mention that I might have to wait until he got home to see what was wrong with it. I asked him if he knew I could not live without the computer and he knew :) I asked him to tell me what my options were:

#1 was borrow a mouse from the neighbors and see if our mouse was broken. I did this immediately while I was pushing "sick" children out the door. (No luck....their mouse did not work in my computer either.)

#2. involved lots of words like tab, and blah blah blah, F8 and I did not understand any of it.

So I just took matters in my own hands and started unplugging things, and moving things around, and coughing and I finally discovered that all of my USB ports except one went to the Bahamas today. So I called my husband to tell him what I discovered and I asked him why I could not just alternate the keyboard and the mouse between the one working USB port. He did not seem very supportive of that idea I am pretty sure he laughed at me but I think he forgot that I have a miserable fever and a wicked cough and that, HELLO, I am a SIXTH generation Mormon whose ancestors walked to Utah and those types do not just take trouble laying down :) So here I am unplugging and plugging back in while I am blogging. Because I just know today will be the day that you will all comment on my blog making it worth it :)

We all stop at different points in our lives when we have something happen that makes us think about how much we take for granted. Yes, I confess that my life is so cushy that I take USB ports for granted. They are a part of my life that I assume will always be there doing their, "USB job."

Madeline had a life altering situation just like my USB port situation this week at BYU. The Creamery(the grocery store where she shops) had no breadcrumbs. They were not just out they don't even stock them. She called me wondering what to do. I mentioned to my daughter, who has a scholarship to attend BYU, that bread crumbs were made from bread and that she could dry some bread out and make her own. She did it but declared on my Facebook page that it was,"a pain in the butt." Do you hear those 6 generations of Mormons rolling over in their graves?

And what about when Amanda flung herself into the car this morning declaring with tears rolling down her face that there was no food in the house. She really means that there is no food in the house that has wrappers on see, the Baird children think life is over and there is nothing to eat if there is banana bread that I made, cantaloupe, grapes and wheat bread.

So it is clear that I need to work a little harder to make life difficult for the Baird Family. I will make a good plan for how to accomplish that when I am done watching all my shows that are on the DVR waiting for me while eating the food in wrappers that I hid from them :)


My Many Coloured Days said...

Okay... there better not be 6 generations of mormons rolling in their grave or that fever has really killed you! Good luck with the usb. And feel better. We're sick over here too, but i have no pioneer ancestry and let everyone sick stay home. You are SUCH a woman!

Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

We spent three days without electricity a couple of months ago and you really learn to appreciate what you have. Throwing out food that I had just bought after a few weeks of not grocery shopping was hard.
But, I got to see how dedicated the ladies of bookclub are! We had our meeting via candlelight and flashlights!