Oct 20, 2009

The BYU Track Team.

I think most of you already know that Madeline is officially on the BYU women's track team. Almost every day she sends me text messages or pictures talking about or showing off all the free BYU stuff she is getting for being a member of the team. After hearing all about the workouts, the fat tests that involve getting in the swimming pool and curling up in fetal position, and the strict diet I think she has earned whatever free stuff she gets.

We are anxiously looking forward to January when her season begins. I looked at her schedule today and she will be running a lot of places if you want to try to go see her starting on Jan8-9 clear through to April 21 she will be in:
Albuquerque, NM
New York
Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs
South Bend, IN
Fayetteville, AK
Irving, CA
Palo Alto, CA
Tempe, Arizona
Walnut CA
Lawrence Kansas (yes, you all better be there in April)
and Provo

If you google, "BYU women's track team" you can pull up the schedule. We are hoping to make a couple of the meets but I would adore you forever if you went to one and got pictures :)
I am amazed that I gave birth to so many children who decide what they want to do and just do it. Madeline never even doubted that she would make the team. She has a ton of confidence and I am jealous of it and wish I would have kept some for myself :) I have no idea how she is taking Calculus, Chemistry and a ton of other hard classes adding up to 15 credits, keeping up her grade point so she can keep her scholarship, teaching gospel doctrine class, dating, practicing track from noon to 4 everyday, and finding time to still text me and her sisters.....all the time :) I am so happy she is seizing this time in her life.

Most of you know who Sheri Dew is. I read in her book, "No One Can Take Your Place" about when she was at BYU in1971 and she describes herself as shy, lacking social skills, unaccomplished and more. She talks about how she had grown up playing basketball and had had some success and how more than anything in the world she wanted to play for BYU. She went to tryouts and peeked inside and saw these girls running drills and she noticed they were good. She says that, "every insecure cell in her body began to scream at her, "what are you doing?" She never went in to the tryouts she paced and paced and paced outside the doors and then finally walked home. She was disgusted with herself and couldn't believe that she did not have the courage to try out. Years later in 2001 she was telling this story when she was invited to speak to the women athletes and it just so happened that the woman who was the coach of the BYU womens basketball team in 1971 was there and she got up and asked Sheri if this story really was true? And Sheri said "yes." Then the coach told her and the audience that in all her years coaching 1971 happened to be the one year that she could not fill her roster and there was one spot open on her team all year and she never found someone to fill it.

I will never forget that story. Because it has happened to me countless times. I should have sung in a choir at BYU. I should have played the piano at BYU but I was not confident enough. But I have to say that Madeline Baird will never have a story like this. She does everything she wants to do. She has incredible confidence in herself. We are SO excited for this chapter in her life.

Yes, I did have enough confidence to post two posts in one day :) It is my blog after all :)


Camie said...

I can't imagine how it must feel to watch your children growing up into such accomplished people. Congratulations to Madeline--what an achievement for her! Keep us posted on her season!

Erin said...

Thank you for this story. I think we all have opportunities we choose not to seize for one reason or another. Mine stem from ego. If I could not be the "best" I wasn't go to try at all. Such a fear of failure! I missed out on so much. I hope my daughter will be fearless as yours.

Kristy said...

Madeline is an amazing young woman! I am very proud of her, and proud of you, too. All that hard parenting work has paid off!

Bernd and Rachel said...

Darn-I was hoping Madeline would have a meet here in PA! I'm so happy for her-she is a great girl and you, my friend, had a lot to do with it.:)

Anne Marie said...

That is awesome!!!! Congratulations, Madeline!

Annette said...

Jenn you are wonderful! I will try to find to get to the meet in ABQ. I'm just so excited someone I know is coming to ABQ, even if it is for intercollegiate sports!

Topher said...

So the Bairds are coming to KS??!! Awesome! Let's par-tay!

DeAnn said...

Wow! Congratulations to Madeline! My niece runs for the Y so I know how hard it is to get onto the team. Way to go! Tell her to enjoy every moment. She deserves it.