Oct 1, 2009

Curly Schmurly.

Yes, I have curly hair. And yes, you have to read about it today. My whole life every time I have looked in the mirror I have seen a sleek, straight hair Jennifer not a curly hair Jennifer. I am sure it comes as no surprise that I have fought the curly hair my whole life. No one ever wants what they have. A couple of year's ago I actually checked out a book from the library about having curly hair. That was definitely the first step in acknowledging my curly hair. I was overwhelmed by what I read. Taking care of curly hair goes against everything you have ever been taught about taking care of hair. Curly hair is different from straight hair.....no, I am serious...it is very different. It doesn't like to be washed very much at all....yeah, I know it seems yucky but did you know that dirty curly hair looks the best? :) It loves to be rinsed in cold water and it really prefers to NEVER see a hairbrush.......EVER. I did not apply a single thing I learned in that curly hair book to my life. I did check it out twice from the Fort Wayne, Indiana library. I did keep all the information in my head and thought about it occasionally but that was it, I was still hanging out with friends who were not good for me AKA Mr. Blow Dryer and Mr. Hair Straightener, or CHI for short.

You really do not see many people out there in the world who have great looking, non frizzy curly hair and ever since I read that evil book if I saw someone who had great curly hair I would find the courage to ask them how they acquired their great curly hair, hoping with all my heart that they would simply say that they bought a product from Wal mart for under $5.00 and they just put it in their hair and, voila, it was a miracle. But, alas this was not the case anyone who had great curly hair went through quite a process to get it. SO even though I have been fighting against it the facts are that if you want something great it takes time and effort not just a $5.00 bottle from Wal Mart.....drat.

So after gathering information for 4 years I am ready to TRY the curly hair thing. I have to make some purchases today and I will start tomorrow. It will require some changes. I will have to shower in the morning rather than at night. Then I will have to purchase:

the biggest, widest comb I can find
Pantene shampoo and conditioner for curly hair
one big hair clip
a bottle of Henna Placenta from Sally's...yes, it is really called henna placenta :)
Loreal clean gel...which I hear may be hard to find but I am up to the challenge

Then once I have spent the families food budget on my new hair products I am going to just skip the motherly duty of making dinner and go take a shower to try out my new plan. There are a few things I will have to do differently in the shower. The conditioner that I always assumed liked to be just spread through my hair with my fingers? Well, it really prefers to be combed through, with that big comb I recently purchased, Yes, combed while I am still in the shower. And then I am under strict instructions to not rinse it quite yet but just pile it on top of my head with a big hair clip and leave it there while I do all my other necessary shower stuff, like sing Copacobana at the top of my lungs, and make lists in my head..... then at the end of my shower it is very necessary to turn the water to as cold as I can stand it...(yeah, so not looking forward to this part) and then without touching my hair I am supposed to let the cold water run on it rinsing out the conditioner. Then before I get out of the shower it is recommended that I put in the henna placenta and leave it in.....I know we all have been taught to rinse conditioner out but if you are truly a curly girl you have to change your ways and leave it in...forever :) Then after you are out of the shower you can add the gel. Then the most important rule is the less you touch those amazing curls the better.

So the word on the street is that it will take some time for my hair to realize that it is not going to be forced to do something straight and flat anymore and in about two weeks when I have tricked it into thinking that I am serious and oh so committed only then will it become what it was meant to be all along......curly without frizz.

I really hate to wonder about things. And I really will always wonder if this process really works. So I have to try it. What have I got to lose? Two weeks of potential good hair days? :) Being patient is not my strongest talent but tune in in two weeks when I let you know what happened.....yeah, I know can't you wait? It's like a season finale, or a Superbowl, or Christmas.


Jocelyn said...

I understand wher you are coming from. My curly hair is not my favorite, yet someone always finds the courage to complaiment me when I do in fact decide that today is a curly/ ugh hair day. do you have a difusser? It works really great at drying your curly hair evenly, where as a straight hair dryer will not. If you want you are more than welcome to borrow mine and test it out. I hardley ever use my hair dryer now that I try to wear my hair as straight as possible. anyway everyone's hair is different those with straight hair want curly, and those of us with curly hair want straight. My best friend is my flat iron. and truth be told curly hair really does work best when "dirty". it's not actually dirty it just needs the natural chemicals and oils. which take about 24 hours to develop. so like I said good luck in your adventure!

Kristy said...

I can't wait to hear how it turns out! Will you please blog a recording of you singing "Copacabana?" It is one of my favorite songs. :)

My Many Coloured Days said...

Kristy, I was seriously going to ask the same thing!!! Post pietures: one from today and one in two weeks. And best of luck curls.

Sarah Jones said...


I use a Garnier Fructis product - it's a curl spray gel. It's cheap and works great. You know I am an Aveda girl so it has to work good if I use it instead of something expensive! :) I just spray it on my wet hair and use a diffuser to blow it dry.

Pam Mueller said...

You need to get Curly Girl. Rachel has the book (a friend of mine recommended it) It has made her curls fab. You might learn to just love them.

Erin said...

I just started the Curly Girl method of no shampoo and am doing a day to day documentation of my findings, what works, what doesn't, ect. It's my new blog!