Oct 22, 2009


Do you like to be in the car? I adore it...well as long as I am in the front seat I adore it. I do get awfully motion sick anywhere else in the car. I am one of those people that if I just turn my head once to the back seat I get nauseous. Brian Baird (the husband in the house) thinks it is all in my head and I can barely answer him when he says that. I guess it could be. I did notice this summer that each consecutive time I rode the roller coasters at Six Flags that my motion sickness got better and better. But I have been riding in cars for about 41 years and nothing has changed. Maybe because it is a different kind of motion? Who knows. I do have some great Jennifer throwing up in the car stories...but my post is actually not about that today...or any day...although it could be a challenge to figure out how to write about throw up and make it interesting :)

Anyway, today was my Thursday. I do love Thursday's. I am very selfish with them. But today I decided to share with my friend Karen and I felt like driving. Karen lives up in The Berkshires and I confess I love driving to her house. I mean any road named Skyline Trail has got to be good, right? Today the sun was shining and I wish I could find all the words to make it so you could see the amazing leaves I saw as I drove up in the Berkshires to her house. More shades of orange, red, brown, yellow and orange than you could ever imagine. Think about a huge mountain covered with trees. And then try to imagine all those colors packed all over that mountain...not a hint of green anywhere. The sun is shining on them and they are starting to fall so as you drive along they are falling like snow all around you and driving through them...definitely the best.

We drove the, "back way" to Northampton. Northampton is where Smith College is. It is a fabulous college town with great places to eat and shop. But today I was very focused and on a mission, which was to purchase worry dolls for Tatiana and Natalie. Yes, it is before Halloween and I have already spent $10.63 on Christmas presents..."snaps" for Jennifer :)

After Northampton I needed to check on our pumpkin patch that we go to and make sure I knew how late it was open and that they still had pumpkins. So we drove to Easthampton. (Do you see a trend with the Massachusetts town names? Just throw a "hampton" on the end and you are good.) Anyway, I do love to know about things beforehand and I will often go to unreasonable lengths to gather information. I really hate surprises. So yes, I will end up driving to the pumpkin patch twice today but that is okay, because I love driving and the scenery is SO beautiful.

When I was a kid my parents would often take us driving. I remember my dad driving on the beach and being afraid that he was breaking rules. I remember driving up mountains on curvy, close to the edge roads and being terrified. I also remember driving all night to get to our vacation destinations and staying awake to make sure my dad did not fall asleep. Yeah, go ahead and think it....I am comfortable with this apparent dysfunction I have :)

When our kids were little and we lived within 18 hours of most family we used to drive overnight all the time. I would usually get the midnight to the, "sun coming up" shift and it was my favorite. There is nothing like driving over the mountains into Utah in the middle of the night with a full moon shining on everything. A Dr Pepper with ice (the only time I drink it) to keep you awake. Everyone sleeping. Darkness surrounding you strangely making you feel safe, a smooth road in front of you and your favorite CD on I always feel like I am flying as I push the speed limit as far as I dare. I used to love watching the sky change as the sun came up. My favorite "sun coming up" time was on our way to Mount Rushmore somewhere in Nebraska....sigh...amazing. There also was that time I was so content and in the zone that I ran us out of gas 30 miles outside of Denver in the middle of the night....can you say, "grumpy husband." He did not understand that I did not notice....sigh...how do I explain where my mind was ? :)

I just wish I had the right car. My poor mini van is always something else in my head as I am driving along...a Mercedes, a BMW, a Miata.....something small and fast and possibly with convertible capabilities.

Oh, the picture is the view from the end of my driveway..not the best picture but you can tell how close I am to the Berkshires, get a small idea of how great the colors are, oh and tell that I live on a curve :). This particular picture I took last week and the colors are peaking this week so they are even better I am just too lazy to walk all the way to the end of the driveway to capture it for you :) I guess I could drive to the end :)


Danielle said...

It's not all in your head. I have to ride in the front seat too if I am not driving. So please tell Mr. Baird that you're definitely not alone! LOL :)

Camie said...

Yes, please take a picture or two of the colors at their peak. I am fall-leaf-impaired here, so I would really love to experience them second-hand!

Kristy said...

Now I am in the mood for a drive. Maybe I should cancel my plane tickets tonight and drive to San Francisco instead. Do you think the leaves are changing there?