Oct 21, 2009

Just Five.

#1. Guess who ran away again? Guess who thinks it is so nice to be able to leave doors to the garage and the basement storage room open and not have to worry about the evil cat getting in? Guess who went to bed without worrying about the cat knocking things off the counter and knocking trash cans over, waking up kids and last but not least guess who hopes she never has to empty a cat litter again? Yes, me, the evil owner of the evil cat :) Is it wrong if I am home all alone and think I hear her meowing outside to pretend I don't hear it?
#2. The middle child. I can only imagine that being the middle child could be tough. I am the oldest in my family so I will never know. But I do know that my Amanda is exactly, smack, dab in the middle in our family. And sometimes I forget to tell you what she is doing :) She is running cross country this year and she is doing very well. She is consistently the #2 finisher on her team and she is only a sophomore. It is very difficult to make it to her meets which are always after school on a Tuesday. We have paper routes and piano lessons on Tuesday. Nevertheless we are very proud of her and so sorry that someone had to be in the middle:)

#3. It has been almost exactly a year since the beetle bug left our family. I miss it terribly. I miss driving a stick shift, there is nothing quite so perfect and rewarding as shifting gears for yourself :) I miss how I could park it anywhere. I miss it's trunk....yea, I said I missed the trunk in a beetle bug, but it was deep, went way back, was oh so generous and I miss it. You see my trunk in my hateful mini van is little, skinny and selfish. I miss seeing people punch other people when I drive by. I miss driving fast....well I still do that but it is not the same (especially around corners) as it is in a beetle bug. I wonder a little bit about the poor trucker who hit me. He had already been in an accident that month and he was probably going to loose his job. I felt bad for him.

#4. It is lady bug time again. Every October ( every means two :) since we have lived here in Massachusetts the lady bugs appear. All of them. Every single lady bug in the world :) They arrive unannounced and I am not sure how long they stay. I am the kind of person who believes in killing bugs if they are in the house but I never dreamed that I could someday be called a, "lady bug killer." But you may call me that if you wish. They are everywhere.....did I mention everywhere? It really is fascinating to see a swarm of lady bugs. They find ways to get into my house and then they discover that just because their name involves the word, "lady" it does not mean I will spare them. The first time I squished one I felt guilt but now I no longer feel guilt. There are SO many of them. They are supposed to bring luck. And they are just looking for a warm place to sleep. We had snow here on Saturday and that was the signal to the ladybugs to head for the nearest house and find a place to sleep. It is recommended that you vacuum them up and not smoosh them since they leave a icky yellow substance when you murder them.

#5. I finally got the garden all tucked in for winter. I tried something new this year that I am pretty sure my hubby does not think is a good idea, so lets all cross our fingers that planting a cover crop of winter rye was the best idea I ever had. You can't see it in the picture yet but it's there and I have been reading about it all morning and it sounds like if I mow it at exactly the right time in the spring and then leave it for a couple days to dry out and then till it under and then not plant anything for 2 to three weeks I will be happy that I planted a cover crop. So remind me of this blog when it is next May and I am crying to you about my, "winter rye gone awry" and my hubby is saying, yet again, "I told you so."


Kristy said...

Now, you know how I feel about Kitt Romney. I love her. She deserves a trip to the vet for a little surgery, you know... she won't "run away" so often!

Sorry. You know I can't help myself! Check my blog today for kitten love.

Madeline said...

Mother, if you lose my cat I will never speak to you again. And thats a promise :) We're in love and the second I get my own place she'll move in with me, thats not that far away and you'll be fine until then.

Brianne said...

I sure hope Kitt Romney stops by our house and picks up our cat before she goes too far. How do you always manage to lose your cat? I wish I had cat losing skills!

C Tam said...

I'm gratified to know I wasn't the only one feeling [oddly] disgusted by lady bugs a few days ago...there were just so MANY! I don't know how to handle their cuteness when it comes in bulk.