Oct 28, 2009

Mental Health Day

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday not only is that, "evil Wednesday day" here but it was rude enough to invite the steady, cold rain to accompany it this week. The kind of rain that causes you to think longingly of laying in your bed with your Chaps comforter wrapped around you. If I could do that I would be finishing reading A Room With A View by E.M Forester. A Room With A View is my favorite movie and I have read the book a few times before but recently I have discovered the joy of re reading books. My mind is changing so much lately that I am finding amazing new insights in books that I thought I really knew well but it turns out I didn't.

Speaking of minds my mind is all over the place today and in my vast blogging experience that usually is a very good sign that I should not blog. So I am going to take a "mental health day." Joe asks for those all the time....he thinks that if you are in eighth grade you should get a lot of them. He is probably right. So I will see you tomorrow when hopefully I can focus :)

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