Oct 12, 2009


Okay, where were we? Oh yeah, we had just checked into our hotel in New York City. As soon as we dropped off our bags in our room and did girl stuff like exclaim over the room, comb our hair and reapply lipstick we headed out to Times Square. Our hotel was the Times Square North Hampton Inn so we did not have far to go to Times Square. We wanted to go straight to the TKTS booth and see what time it opened on Saturday morning so we could be there bright and early to get discounted tickets to see a Broadway show. When we got there we realized the booth was open..... right then.... it confused us a little but we immediately came to our senses, seized the opportunity and decided to see a Friday night 8:00 pm show rather than a Saturday show. If you are ever in NYC the only way to see a Broadway show, if you are money conscious, is to go to one of the TKTS booths around the city, stand in overwhelming lines, have at least 4 choices in your mind of what show you might want to see and know your budget. The line at the TKTS should never scare you, they move pretty fast. Everyone says there is never a bad show on Broadway and so far my record is:

Good Shows 2
Bad Shows 0

The first show I saw was last December and the second show I saw was just last Friday. I could not believe that there was no line for the TKTS booth on Friday night, it was so weird. The only down side to getting up to the ticket window super fast was that we did not have much time to mull over which shows had discount tickets available and which shows we wanted to see. As you start requesting they tell you what seats they have, if they are full or partial view, if they are together and then how much they are and they want you to be fast about it. Our 4th request was The Fantasticks, the price was $43.00, the seats were together so we purchased.

Our one goal for this trip was to not eat at a chain restaurant the whole time we were there. So after we got our tickets we had a few minutes to find food. We found a pizza place called Famiglia...that I fear may be a chain but it was really amazingly yummy pizza and there were pictures of famous people hanging all over the walls for us to exclaim over while we ate. If famous people had eaten there it has to be good, right? I almost felt famous eating there :) We discussed which famous person we would love to run into in New York City. And can you believe I froze under pressure and could not decide? (Note to self choose a favorite famous person ASAP.)

After eating we headed across the street to the Jerry Orbach theater. The other time I saw a show in New York City the theater was very beautiful and very big. Gail has seen a ton of shows in NYC in a lot of different theaters so she and I were both very surprised when we walked all the way up to the third floor of this building to a little room with a very low ceiling and we could not help laughing when we discovered our 6th row seats were 6th out of the only 8 rows in the theater. It alarmed us a little. I mean you have expectations based on your experiences and this picture did not match. We worried a little about what we had gotten my sister into. But the minute the lights went down, at the risk of sounding corny, I was literally swept away into another world. The cast for the show was small, just 8 people. The music was only a piano and a harp. The feeling in the theater was small and very intimate. I loved every minute of the show. I heard a couple songs I had heard before but not known what they were from....."try to remember the kind of September." Do you like the way I sang that for you?

As always when I see something amazing I find myself thinking of all the people I wished were there with me enjoying it. The story was about love, reality and fantasy, and yes they all three don't really go together :) The Fantasticks is Broadways longest running show. The singing was clear and beautiful and I connected with all the characters. I found myself holding my breath, smiling and crying. I think any show can only hope to make their viewers feel like that. So our fears about the location vanished as we were totally engrossed in the acting. We got out of the show at 10:15 pm and you would have thought it was still noon, the streets were full of people and it was SO light from all the lights. So we decided to explore.

We headed to Rockefeller Square where we found the plaque on the ground that proclaims where "that" Christmas Tree stands each year. Then we wandered around inside the buildings and happened upon an adorable bakery called Magnolia Bakery. You must add this bakery to your list of places you HAVE to visit. They had huge cakes on display that you could order a slice of, several different flavors of mini cheesecakes, cupcakes, cookies and brownies. It was 11:30 at night and the bakery was packed with people. I had no idea what we had discovered until I got home and googled Magnolia Bakery. There are three locations in New York City. They first opened in 1996. It is known for its famous cupcakes and depression era icebox cakes. Magnolia Bakery is credited with starting the 1990's cupcake craze. And the bakery has even appeared in some movies. I confess we went back to the bakery twice on this trip. You will realize that there is a whole another level of desserts out there that you have been missing when you taste their stuff. Although I confess I only got a sample bite of each item Gail and Sarah bought and a sample bite of what I bought for my family to share and I am SO regretting having self discipline.

After the bakery we hung out in Times Square for awhile and then at 12:30 am we finally admitted defeat and headed back to the hotel. As we were walking I was watching people as I always do and I saw coming towards us two girls and a group of guys. I could not figure out what the girls were wearing from where I was so I started to get curious. I nudged my sister and Gail and we all observed as the girls came towards us and then passed us and it soon became very clear, as clear as.....well bubble wrap..... that the girls were actually wearing bubble wrap. Just bubble wrap....trust me...I know. They each had a black wide belt wrapped around the bubble wrap and then they had high heeled shoes on. Your chances of getting into a club in New York City on a Friday night are greatly improved if you are wearing something that will get attention and I think bubble wrap....and nothing else just may have got those girls into the club. My only problem with this outfit for me would be the horrible need I have to pop those perfect little bubbles that make up bubble wrap so I would have to come up with something a bit more creative than bubble wrap because we could not have me popping my new bubble wrap outfit could we?

Tomorrow I will tell you about our adventures on Saturday in New York City.....they involve the words Gucci, Prada, and Coach, and I will tell you about pink polka dot Speedo guy.

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I feel like I am on vacation with you. Thank you for taking me away into another world for a few moments!