Oct 19, 2009

Once Upon A Time....

So did you feel prompted to drop me a note this last weekend? Did you think about me and wonder how I was but dismissed it as nothing? Well, you should make a mental note to act on that feeling next time...if there is a next time....you just never know. Let me tell you about my weekend. If you get queasy when people talk about their faults and spend a little bit of time wondering why they are human you should probably go read something else because this could get icky, so icky that to make it as easy as possible I will tell it as a story and maybe then you will only see the pain I am in if you read carefully :)

So once upon a time there was an amazing, clever, beautiful and unforgettable girl named Jennifer. (hey, it's my story I can take liberties with the describing words if I wish :) Jennifer loved to go hiking. She mostly liked her hikes to end up at a view, waterfall, or a handsome guy. (ahem...it's my story :) So one day in October in the year 2008 Jennifer found out about a hike in Connecticut to a place called Heubelin tower. She read about the hike on her royal highness's Dell computer which she often sits at while her servants clean her palace :) (hey, a girl can dream)

She found out that there was once a man named Gilbert Heubelin who was hiking one day on Talcott Mountain in Simsbury, Connecticut with his fiancee Louise. He promised Louise that one day he would build her a castle there on that mountain. Lucky for Gilbert he was a magnate in the area of food and beverage and he had most notably manufactured A-1 Steak Sauce so he had plenty of money to make that promise come true. So in 1914 he hired some architects and Heubelin Tower came to be. (Yes, several boys have promised to build something on a mountain for me too, I am sure it happened to you too, right? :) It was the Heubelin families summer home and it is amazing. Many famous people have been to the home with the 165 foot tower. It is where the Republican party asked Dwight Eisenhower to run for President. Ronald Reagan also visited the tower when he was president of the Screen Actor's Guild in the 50's.

So as amazing, beautiful, clever, unforgettable Jennifer read about this tower she really wanted to go see it. It happened to be Fall which was a perfect time to do this hike because of all the colors of leaves in the trees. So to make a long story short in October 2008 along with loads of friends Jennifer got to hike Heubelin Tower. So what does Jennifer do when something turns out good? She plans it again for the next year. So in September in 2009 Jennifer sent out another e-mail from her royal Dell and this is where Jennifer needs to start confessing about her demons in her head.......

Guess what guys? Breathe......did you realize you were holding your breath? Well you have been spared, you were walking up the steps to the gallows and the amazing, beautiful, clever and unforgettable, royal highness Jennifer did something she has never done before she wrote, and wrote, and wrote about all the hard work she went to to make a hike happen this weekend, about the demons in her head, about her mad family, about her expectations and then she stopped and read everything she had written over, and over, and over again and came to the royal realization that she could not publish and deleted so you don't ever have to know what a bad person she is and can continue thinking she is amazing, beautiful, clever and unforgettable. Through the course of writing about her acute disappointment she realized (never leave an over thinker alone :) that she may have reached the time in her life when the only thing she can do is withdraw and protect herself. Build herself a moat with crocodiles, add a drawbridge and some stone walls. Yes, she knows that some day someone may figure out how to get in but she will deal with that when the time comes.) She had never built these things before in her reign as queen but it was much easier than she thought. No wonder so many people have them. Jennifer has always been an open person. She has put herself out there over, and over, and over again but she finally grew up and realized that she can't do that anymore. If she does she will have to take royal medication and see the royal therapist. And that can not happen.

So let me tell you that the morning of the hike was beautiful. Clear, crisp, blue sky. Queen Jennifer let her subjects have a lot of power and she was grumpy which is so unlike her. She always feels uncomfortable with grumpy because she is not very familiar with it but she did not have the proper sword, shield and helmet available to fight it. The hike to the tower is not very long. It does have a straight up part but that is to be expected when you involve the word view. And there really are spectacular views. When you get to the top of the tower there are huge windows and a room with a beautiful parquet floor and warm sunlight is pouring in.

Jennifer and her entourage started on the hike at 9:30 in the morning and they were done with the tower, snack and hike up by 10:30 am and back to the royal 15 passenger coach and on the road to pick up Princess Amanda from her PSAT test by 11:00 am. Her royal gardener (or hubby) made it to Prince Joe's soccer game at 1:00 and Queen Jennifer gave her staff (HA) the day off and with the 7 year old helping got the compost spread on her garden, got it rototilled, planted her winter rye cover crop, and spread straw on her strawberries. So it was a productive day in so many ways...building walls and moats, getting exercise and preparing for winter :)

The pictures are from the hike, the view, and Natalie (the 7 year old). And if you are confused after reading this then I have been successful :)

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Anne Marie said...

I am totally jealous of that view. Why do you have to remind me that I live in a very ugly place?:) Hope you're done feeling like you need moats and a tower to hide in. I am in fact feeling that way somewhat myself today (no explanation necessary except that I agreed to do a very big favor for a friend which I am having second thoughts about). Thanks for writing! I love reading.