Oct 16, 2009

Piles and Lists All About Them.

I am thinking about lists and piles at the same time. I wonder if I can tie both of them together neatly? Would you buy it if I said a list is just like a pile? A pile of needs. A pile of things to do. A pile of things you want. Am I right?

I have some piles I need to deal with. I am NOT a pile kind of person. I always sort the mail the minute it comes in the house. I say that like it proves something :) But anyway I noticed all the piles as I was walking around the house this morning dealing with what "they" leave behind as they run off to school.

The first pile I noticed is nobody's fault but mine. It is on my black bedside table from Ikea. Normally this table is clear. But today it has:

One wooden carrot from the kids play kitchen that is in the basement. I have no idea why it is up here.
The latest BYU Alumni magazine ( I read mine cover to cover, they are very interesting)
Nineteen Cooks Illustrated magazines..this is a good sign, it means I am cooking.
A little tiny drawstring bag with 6 worry dolls in it....it is there to remind me to purchase two more bags of worry dolls for Natalie and Tatiana.
Carmex....we all know that something would be very wrong if this was not on my bedside table....the Baird mommy loves her Carmex.
One 20% off coupon for JC Penney.
The DVD of the "whatever" edition of Clueless. I got a strange urge a couple nights ago to watch a mindless movie from 1995.
One of those annoying envelopes full of coupons that have a ton of rules for redeeming them written in very small print. I am confused about how this envelope escaped the trash can.
Way on the bottom of the pile is my Lands End catalog that I keep salivating over...so many cardigans and so little money :)
And last is my Book of Mormon with Monday's Seminary lesson crammed into 1st Nephi 19....I get to substitute in Seminary on Monday and I am SO excited...I confess to praying that something would happen to the Seminary teacher so that I could snag this gig :)

The next pile is on the kitchen counter...I need to figure out a way to convince you that there are not usually piles on the kitchen counter but today there is. Yesterday was grocery shopping day. It is an ALL day process, loading the car, unloading the car, and putting away. I usually get the kids to carry the food storage items down to the shelves in the basement, but not this time. I came home, unloaded the car, did paper routes, got Joe's hair cut, picked up Miriam's friend Nichole, dropped them at the mall and went to book club and got home at 9:30 pm. Getting someone to carry the food storage items downstairs never crossed my mind until this morning when they all were conveniently at school leaving me a pile of:

A 7 lb bag of powdered sugar
Two 64 oz bottles of Log Cabin Syrup
10 lbs of pancake mix...geesh, think of us when there is a crisis and we are eating pancakes huh?
48 oz of Craisins
2 lbs 4 oz of plain old cheerios
A package of 16 Hamburger buns and one of 16 hot dog buns

The next pile is in the basement and it is only two things but it is lots of them:

Blankets ....about 10 of them
Every sleeping bag in the house

Now this pile, in a round about way, may be my fault because I refuse to turn the heat on yet and even when I finally do turn the heat on I will make sure it is set at 62 degrees. So when the kids have sleepovers in the basement, with their friends, they NEED a lot of blankets. And everyone knows that when you have a sleepover it is very important to ride the family sleeping bags down the stairs. I confess.... I let them. They were laughing SO hard. You would have caved too. But now I need to get children to face the consequences of their fun and do some folding.

There is even a pile on the counter by the phone:

3 Flat Rate boxes to be filled to be sent to Baird children that are in Estonia and Utah. Madeline's birthday is Nov 5 and Zach's Christmas box needs to be sent in the next week or he will not get it in time. But I am very happy to report that Zach's first box made it to Estonia un-opened.
A cup full of ping pong balls (that I do not know for sure where to put them) that the evil cat keeps knocking off.
A paper that list off the characteristics of a 7 year old:
Needs constant reinforcement
Strong likes and dislikes
Keeps a neater desk and room
Changeable feelings
Needs security and structure
Sometimes moody, depressed, sulking or shy
"nobody likes me"
Doesn't like to make mistakes or risk making them

GULP......guess what? I think I just may be 7 instead of 41....
A bag of pumpkin seeds that Natalie brought home from school yesterday.
A box full of the parts of a Vittorio Strainer I borrowed so I can make applesauce.

The last pile involves three words.....laundry....enormous...couch.

Oh and how could I forget the pile of horse manure in the garden waiting to be spread across the garden?

So today is about facing piles...wish me luck.


Marty Countryman said...

I love Cook's Illustrated and America's Test Kitchen.

Kristy said...

If my piles were as small and orderly as yours, I would feel very organized indeed.

Oh, dear. What DID you think of my house when you were my houseguest?