Oct 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch...... New England Style.

Thursday was, "going to the pumpkin patch" day. We could not have picked a better day if we had tried. It was 70 degrees and beautiful. I love going to the pumpkin patch. As with everything else in my life lately the number of people attending the pumpkin patch with me has dwindled. I used to have 8 other Baird's with me and this time it was just 4 Baird's and of course our friends too.

I have some rules for pumpkin patches that can make life rather difficult. They can not be commercialized in any way, no refreshments sold, no hay ride, and no lines, just plain old pumpkins. And regarding the pumpkins, you have to be able to go out to the actual field and pick your own pumpkin. Fletcher's on Route 10 on the way to Easthampton meets my requirements. The pickings were slim this year but we all still managed to find our perfect pumpkin.
I love to tromp through the field looking at every pumpkin. This year I found a long, oval looking one that I have great plans for. After loading up our wagons with our pumpkins we headed over to the "farm" which consists of a mother pig and her little tiny piglets, two goats, two lambs and lots of cows. There was no one else around so the kids got to watch and pet the animals to their hearts content.
Natalie and her pumpkin.
This is the view from the pumpkin patch.
This is the view from the car window as we were driving along on our way home. I love it when the teenager is leaning over the top of me trying to get pictures out my open drivers side window.


Anne Marie said...

What a beautiful view. I love the northeast in the fall. The pumpkin patch outing sounds perfect.

Melissa said...

Beautiful! We haven't found a good patch here in Utah....