Oct 28, 2009

A Self Centered Blog.

There was this blog I read a couple weeks ago and it is still haunting me. It was all these nice neat lists...this persons 10 strengths, this persons 10 weaknesses that she wishes were strengths, ten random things about this person, and ten things on this person's to do list. This person is a very private blogger so I am not sure if she wants me to tell you who she is. But I really enjoyed reading her lists. I thought it was a fun idea. I longed to copy her.

And I confess that everyday since I read her blog I have tried to write my own blog answering the same questions. I can easily do the "to do" list...I could write "to do" lists with my hands tied behind my back. But, can I tell you the other three categories elude me. Does everyone else in the world go around every day knowing without a doubt what their strengths and weaknesses are? Maybe I am trying to hard to figure them out? She made it look so easy. I tried pretending I was not thinking about these questions hoping that insights into myself would just wash over me. Nope, nothing.....nada. I could ask other people to tell me but that feels like cheating and would you really tell someone what their weaknesses appeared to be if they were looking straight at you smiling and giving you their best puppy dog eyes??

I finally decided to break it down into very small pieces. This is one of my favorite things to do. I am always dividing projects up, breaking them down so that they are easier.....wait a minute...could that be a...strength? Oh drat I am not ready to start the lists I wanted to first tell you about how she put in the title of her blog the word "egocentric." One of those words I hear a lot and am pretty sure I know what it means but wanted to just make sure. SO I started here and I got myself a solid definition of the word "egocentric"...and it was as I thought...self centered. So, this is a self centered blog today.... but hey aren't they all? :)

Five Random Things About Me.


Okay, wait before I get started...I have to tell you that I wrote that little old number 1 last night at 10:30 pm after staring at the computer for a good half an hour trying to think. I finally decided I would brainstorm better laying in bed so I pulled on my LL Bean flannel nightgown and got in bed and promptly fell asleep. When my alarm rang at 4:45 am my first thought was, "drat" I have nothing for my lists. In the car with the 15 year old and the 17 year old on the way to Seminary I finally broke down and asked for help...it isn't cheating if you ask minors :) They didn't want to play with me and I didn't push it...but a few minutes later they could not resist the urge to at least tell me my weaknesses and here is what they came up with....well actually they came up with the first three and then I did the rest.

List of Weaknesses:

1. That I don't know my strengths and weaknesses...(Amanda presented this little nugget :)
2. I can't take compliments...this was from Miriam...and she is right..I can't take compliments...at all.
3. I over think...plain and simple..no use in me trying to convince you I don't...no use in me trying to convince you that everyone in the world does it...you will see right through all that :)
4. I am a rule follower....I never eat something in the store before I pay for it :)
5. I never fold the clothes right when they come out of the dryer.
6. Never see the danger in anything. I never saw the danger in reconnecting with people from my past. I never see the danger in letting my kids be out of my sight. I never remember sunscreen or hand sanitizer. I rarely think about how something could be bad. I just charge ahead thinking, "la, la, la this is so fun." Until someone says something that stops me cold and I listen, I assimilate and then I confess sometimes just keep going, "la, la, la."
7. Wondering...yes, wondering is a weakness...just in case you did not know it is a big very bad one. It sometimes likes to hold hands with "not facing reality" :)
8. These little dots............they are a big weakness.
9. Being afraid of people not understanding me....sometimes they just aren't going to.....drat.
10. No confidence

List of Strengths
Oh dear I am not sure if I can do this....

1. Don't get offended to easily
2. Like people....a lot
3. Always on time.....actually in the last month I have been late to a few things, it was not my fault but I better not say always...how about, "on time 99% of the time?" I was always the first one to stake dances when I was a kid...yeah, who does that?
4. Sense of humor
5. Know how to use my time wisely and get everything done I need to.
6. I am a "can do" kind of person...I never think about why something can't happen I always do whatever it takes to make it happen.
7. I can admit when I am wrong

I think that is about all I can muster for strengths...it makes me uncomfortable just to look at what I have written :)

How about random things you may not know about me?

1. Once when I was up on a stage playing a piano piece in a recital a fly flew up my nose. I had to keep playing while attempting to blow air out of my nose to try to get the fly to get OUT!
2. I can't fall asleep without reading something.
3. I got pulled over by a cop once when I was wearing curlers in my hair....I did not get a ticket...he was fascinated that people still wear curlers and we had a nice chat that ended in the words...."watch your speed" :)
4. I mix colors and whites together when I do laundry...because I have never had an"incident."
5. I have a very clean house and a very messy car.
6. I once hit a boy with a huge piece of wood when he and I were working on our fort in Del Mar,California and he wanted to "play doctor"...I was about 9.
7. I prefer to be cold rather than hot.
8. I run like monsters are following me back down the driveway every time I take the trash can out in the dark on Thursday nights.
9. I collect a rock from everywhere I have been.
10. I once drove across the church lawn with the missionaries and the ward mission leader in the car.....long story....I was 17.

Last 5 CD's I have listened to:

1. Owl City
2. Carolina Liar
3. Dashboard Confessional
4. U2
5. The Killers

There was that so bad? :)


Anonymous said...

You forgot...
8. Great listener
9. Loyal friend
10. Awesome cook


My Many Coloured Days said...

Had we been in the same stake as youth we would have hung out early or on time together :)

The first five come easily don't they - it's six through ten that take a few breaks in between to come up with.

Loved this though. Your typical humor and writing voice shines through.

Robin said...

I am amazed at you. I remember an uncomfortable adolesent and here you are an incredible women. I love your blog. It is like looking into the mind of ? I am not sure but it is a great mind. Robin

Danielle said...

I was wondering something while reading the introduction to entry. Do you not know how great your blog is just the way it is? I understand the humor intended, and I did read that you don't take compliments well ( that explains a lot)....The reason why people keep coming back to read your blog is because it's an expression of who you are. When I knew you in high school, I had no idea in the world how funny you were. I had looked up to you because I saw your talent, and I LOVED your curly hair. :) But I must say that I HAVE to read your blog every time you write something new. Why? Because you have a gift, and I am lucky to be able to say I knew you when! Keep it up girl, you're doing great overthinking everything! :)

Mark Atkinson said...

Those LL Bean nightgowns will get you every time...

This seems a great exercise of self discovery. Being in 2009, I would imagine you may have some slightly different points of view now? There was nothing at all wrong with your views from then, just wondering how life has changed since then.

Your strengths are inspiring.