Oct 30, 2009

A Small View.

So it is true today is that day that I was born, it happened in Provo, Utah. I was eight days late. I weighed 5lbs 4oz and I was 19 inches long. Today I am 41. I live in Massachusetts I am 4'10", I weigh 120 lbs ( yes, I so did just tell you how much I weigh) and I never have been or never will be 8 days late for anything other than my birth :)

So the 41st birthday began a week ago when the UPS chickie knocked on my front door and left me a small padded envelope. It was addressed to me so I opened it. And inside was a very sleek and glamorous looking box that you apparently needed to have a college degree to figure out how to open. When I finally got it open there was a gift card inside. The amount was for WAY too much so that narrowed it down as to who could have sent it. So I started investigating and quickly noticed the last 4 numbers of my husbands credit card number on some paper work(yes, every good wife has the husbands credit card number memorized.) I confess I am a confusing, and very bad wife because I was not happy. What woman is not happy when she gets a nice gift card from her husband to her favorite store for her birthday? Not only that it was early...and obviously thought out. Yeah, can you say high maintenance? :) I am really not so good at the money being spent thing. It actually makes me physically sick. I texted my hubby (since he was in Utah) and graciously said thank you but also told him I could not spend it and that I was taking it back...yeah, I know....do they even take gift cards back? Well I was going to be the first one to take one back...gosh darn it :) Well, after pleading from the children, and lecturing from the hubby I gave up and kept it.

So now the score was husband one and wife zero. Why are we keeping score? I do not know :) And he now implements part two of his evil plan which is that, I leave my Thursday the 29th free so that he can take me hours away to an Ann Taylor outlet store in Connecticut so I can shop...with him. Let me tell you that a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, far away the hubby and I shopped together. I am pretty painful to shop with. I look at everything, I have to know without a doubt that I am getting the best price, I really can not be distracted by anything, and a hubby standing outside the ladies dressing room offering thumbs up or thumbs down did not sound so fun to me.

SO I offered my compromise and I said I would be happy to play on Thursday if we could just accomplish some things that were on my list instead. He agreed. So on Thursday he had me meet him at his work at 10:30 am. He made me come into the office to say hi to everyone and then we left for Enfield,Connecticut. My goal was that I needed to get items for Zach's first, "Christmas away from home" christmas box that needed to be sent to Estonia last week. And also, Madeline's birthday box which also needed to be sent last week. So, our first stop was Barnes and Noble and it only took a few seconds for me to remember why we never shop together :) So I made some hurried choices and never let on that it was killing me to be in a store and not look at every thing :) We ran next door to Marshall's because I needed to get some tights for Madeline and that was worse than the book store at least in the bookstore I can say, " oh, honey looky history books...you stay right here and I will be right back." But in a clothes store that does not work so well. As I am looking at every pair of tights in two aisles trying to find the right pattern and the right size I noticed he just did not look comfortable in the store and that I could not shop with someone just standing there awkwardly in the aisle looking like he is my body guard or something so I grabbed some tights that I gave hardly any thought to...sorry Madeline...I do like to put a lot of time into purchasing tights :) and headed out and I noticed I could cause him to panic if I just pretended to look like I was going to look at something else...so I entertained myself with that while I moseyed on up to the check out. It was there that I had another realization that even though he makes the money and always knows exactly what I spend it is rather uncomfortable to have him actually see the process in real life.....maybe like having a supervisor :)

Thursday was, "celebrate my birthday day" because Brian is in Boston today for work and then he is staying there until tomorrow helping his friend Brad install his floor.

So last night the kids gave me their presents. My goal was that by 2009 he would take them all shopping for my birthday a few days before and I achieved that goal. My next goal is that by 2014 he will realize that he sometimes may need to take them to more than one store. But for now I am happy with all my gifts from Wal Mart.


Krista said...

Jennifer! You are too much!! I hope that you have a glorious day filled with much happiness and no lateness!! Krista

C Tam said...

Happy Birthday, fellow Octoberite. This post was such a joy to read. I could picture your husband in all his sweetness, awkwardly waiting while you shopped, etc. "Looky history books" made me laugh out loud.

Brianne said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer! I'm very impressed that you were born 8 days late and only weighed 5 lbs and 4 oz! I was 10 days late, but I weighed 10 lbs and 5 oz.

I also hate shopping with my husband. His plan is always to get what he needs as fast as he can, and I need to look around and make sure I'm making the right purchase. So I try to do all my shopping alone.

Enjoy your Walmart gifts!

Zac-ShaunaFamily said...

Happy Birthday. You are one lucky girl. Zac doesn't usually shop or plan my birthday until the actual date. Then sometimes he will say just get whatever you want. Maybe I am too hard to please.

Anne Marie said...

Happy, happy birthday to you! So glad your husband put a lot of thought into his gift. You deserve it.

My Many Coloured Days said...

I am dying. You are aging hilariously!