Oct 20, 2009

The Store Where They Wear Orange Vests :)

I do love Home Depot. I love the smells of wood, new carpet, power tools and so much more all mixed together. I love the possibilities in every aisle. I always learn something new when I go to Home Depot. I do not get there near as much as I would like to. Actually, I think the last time I went was way back in the spring when I was looking for short little metal fences for my peas to happily climb. If I had extra money I would definitely spend it in Home Depot. And it would have to be a lot of extra money because I have a big list for Home Depot. When Brian goes out of town for some reason going to Home Depot is always on my, "to do" list but it often gets pushed aside. I dream of a day that I have hours with nowhere I "have" to be so that I could just wander up and down the aisles of Home Depot educating myself on all the projects there are out there. Projects are what I have been thinking about lately, probably because Brian is going to be out of town for awhile. Yes, I confess to doing projects when he is out of town.

Most of you know I have ALWAYS been a, "plain white walls" kind of girl but for some reason I found my "color courage" when we moved to Massachusetts and now I have red walls, Ralph Lauren's oatmeal colored walls, and Hershey chocolate colored walls. The key to acquiring color for me seems to be waiting for a very long time, like years. So I am pretty sure that in the last couple of months I have brought home my quota of those addictive little color squares and I am now ready to give my three, plain, white bathrooms some color. Two of them I really want to be blue. Did you know cool blue is good in small spaces but warm blue is not? The tradition is that I paint when Brian goes out of town. Why, you ask? Well you see, I do not clean up properly, I never put paint can lids back on tightly, I get paint on his screwdriver, I never buy Sherwin Williams paint and to top it all off I never tell him I am painting so that I can look forward to being scolded when he gets home.

After I look at paint in Home Depot I need to go find something else. I don't know what it is called but I should practice explaining it to you so that I won't appear too stupid if I need to find someone wearing a orange vest to help me. You see, out my back sliding door is a deck, if you walk out on the deck and go down the steps you will look back at the deck and see a space. It is a very inviting space for the furry, small, "needing shelter" type of animals. It goes all around the deck. Our cat adores escaping out the open door and dashing to this space under the deck, causing us to throw rocks at her and sometimes lose our temper. I need to find that "criss crossing X stuff" that you hammer along the deck. Does it have a name or do I really have to tell the, "orange vest guy" my whole story and use the words, "criss crossing"?

Now I know it is October but no trip to Home Depot is complete without a visit to lawn and garden...just in case. I have a spot that desperately needs a shrub and I am too cheap to buy one full price so I keep checking clearance plants for the perfect shrub that needs me. I will know it when I see it. I have been looking for it for two years. Do you see a trend? Me.....decisions....long time? Yeah, trust me I learned about the decision thing the hard way.

When I am done in lawn and garden I want to go look at gutters. Gutter extensions are a very exciting topic at our house. We have even had flannel board stories all about gutter extensions... JK. A long time ago when we lived in Kansas we had a very old house. This very old house had some problems. And the problems were all related to water, and gutters. (very short version of the story) Many a pounding Midwest rain storm you would find me outside in my rain coat with the rake and ladder trying to unclog gutters because the basement was flooding from rain that was not getting directed away from our house. Isn't it just hilarious how our experiences shape us? Now I live in a brand new house that has gutters but is missing one thing.... those long extensions that shoot the water far, far, away from the house. Yes, I think I need them. Yes, my husband thinks we don't :) Who is right? I honestly don't know. I just want them, my past experiences may have scarred me and made me think they are an absolute necessity, sometimes that happens :)

After I peruse the gutter section I need to go find a "thing-a-ma-jig" to hold towels. When we moved into this house none of the bathrooms had those cool hold your towel things in them yet. The kids bathroom upstairs still does not have them and I am thinking for our two year anniversary in the house it may be the perfect time to show the children how civilized people do they towel thing. I am sure their future spouses will thank me for these 46 months of them throwing their towels on the floor.

After the things on my list I would adore being able to just wander up and down the big, wide, cement aisles looking at everything so that when I find myself wondering if something pertaining to my house or yard could happen I can remember about some kit you can buy in aisle 32 in Home Depot that will make all your dreams come true :)


Kevin said...

The "criss-crossy" stuff is called Lattice my dear. :)

C Tam said...

And isn't the other thing-a-ma-jig called a "towel rack" or have I just overgeneralized? I have two blue bathrooms and love them, so they must be the right hue, but I do not know what the color is called.

Regarding the shrub: you could purchase one that has a Charlie Brown Christmas tree look to it, and then use it for a living Christmas tree in a month or two(MUCH better than plastic or cut)...that way you could justify whatever it costs by putting it into the Christmas Budget. I am always doing tricks like that with our budget. Did you know purchasing Halloween Candy is a "gift" not a "grocery."

Bernd and Rachel said...

Hey! I just went to Lowes today and was loving it-I could spend hours in there. Did you find any plants on clearance? Did you know that our construction brother swears by Home Depot and hates Lowes? I was thinking of him as I passed through the doors of Lowes today. I'll go to Home Depot tomrrow to even things out.:)

Kristy said...

I also love Home Depot! Now, this piece of information will not matter to you married types, but I will tell you this: there are always good looking guys at Home Depot. Usually of the rugged variety.

Yes, gutter extension things are a must. I had them dig trenches and put mine underground and now my gutters drain all the way to the street.

Danielle said...

There are 2 kinds of lattice. There is wood criss crossing lattice, and there is the rubber/plastic lattice. Depending on where you are going to put it, the material choice is important. If you are putting it in an area that is exposed to various weather conditions such as rain, snow, sleet, hail, even sunshine - the lattice that is rubber/plastic works well. It doesn't get brittle in the varying conditions. It also comes in different colors. My Mom's house has a hunter green color around her porch and down the ramp. The wood lattice is pretty, and can be used in various scenarios but often it has to be painted with sealant to keep it from becoming too weathered. Just thought I would share. :)) I too like Home Depot... they saved us big time by letting us have that last ticket to get the generator when we were without power for 14 days in February during the ice storm. :)