Oct 14, 2009

That Day You Were Born.

Dear Birthday,

Sigh...where to start? I have been thinking about you since you are coming soon. You and I sure have been through a lot together huh? Some years we have cried. Some years we haven't. Remember way back when we used to have expectations? Yea those were silly times huh? I hope you have been grateful that I have not ever dreaded you coming. You could have had someone that really felt like a number was what it was all about.

Is it strange that I never remember really wanting something for my birthday. You know some people can remember that year they wanted a bike. Or that year they needed a puppy. I don't remember ever having my heart set on something that I thought I would die if I did not get.

Remember how I hate to answer the phone on my birthday? Yea sometime I should really get therapy for that huh? I wonder why I do that?

Do you remember that surprise party my parents gave me when I was 12? It was my first boy/girl party. I was totally surprised. I got three necklaces from three different boys and I thought that I had reached the pinnacle of happiness until I had a teenage boy and took him to choose a necklace as a present for a girl and started to wonder if those boys had chosen the necklaces or their moms had? :)

Are you worried that I am going to be 41 and I still keep expecting to wake up to a day that feels completely different from other days? Remember that year in Princeton when I had 4 little kids oh so close together, a hubby that traveled and no money and that sweet lady in the ward from China who I barely knew made me that amazing homemade birthday cake. And it made me cry because someone thought of me. Oh drat look I still cry about that. ( geesh suck it up...) What about that year that my husband got all those people to write me letters? That was nice...a little embarrassing but nice. What about that year I was already in my pajamas and those ladies knocked on my door and took pictures of me and then dragged me to a late dinner?

Remember how good my brain is at never forgetting the dates of other people's birthdays. Is it weird that I remember September 4, September 23, December 20 and oh so many more? I wonder if there is anyone I knew from years ago that has the kind of brain that remembers birthdays and remembers me on mine?

I know you know that I have a perfect birthday tucked away in my mind but is it strange that I would never tell a soul what it is. For some reason I like to have this very unrealistic hope that there is someone that knows me so well that I don't need to say what my perfect birthday is. Someone out there just knows.

Well, it was fun chatting.


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Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

I have a dear friend who knocks her self out to make other people's birthdays special.
She is one of those people that remembers everyone else's birthday.
Thank you dear friend because there were birthday's that would have sucked (can I say that?) without you.