Oct 8, 2009


Well, my sister Sarah is coming to visit me today. I am picking her up from Hartford airport at 3:00 pm. I am very excited to see her and we are going to be spending most of our time together in New York City. We have a hotel in Times Square for Friday night. We are hoping to see the Statue of Liberty, shop on Canal Street, see a Broadway show, walk through Central Park and SO much more. So on Saturday think of us in 70 degree, sunny weather in New York City with all the colors of the fall trees. I am very excited. I will catch up on blogging on Sunday afternoon. I will take lots of pictures and tell you every detail as only I can. So enjoy your break from my opinions :) And if you really miss me I do have some fun posts hidden in the past year and a half that you could read. And after that if you still miss me you could always write me and tell me about how much you miss me :) And then if you still miss me you could always come to Massachusetts for lunch...that would make me SO happy.

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Kristy said...

Is it too late for me to join the two of you in NYC this weekend? I'm hopping on a plane now.