Oct 2, 2009

What IS On My Mind...Not What Isn't.

I am late providing you with something to read today. Somehow my heart is just not in blogging when it is evening and every 5 minutes someone is calling that word "MOM." Miriam has a party here tonight and the house is clean and the food is done so that isn't on my mind. Brian is out in the garage making more shelves for the basement I can hear him swearing but I am not his mother so his current choices are not on my mind. All the kids are home so my mind is not preoccupied with having to get interrupted to go pick them up. I just feel random tonight so let me tell you what IS on my mind.

First off, my day started with Gail's Bowflex. I really do like the Bowflex. The first time I used it on Thursday it did not make me feel sore and the word is that that I should feel "something." So I had to work extra hard today and I am very ashamed to say that I did utter the phrase, "I can't" at least twice. I have never been encouraged to exercise enough to utter that phrase. I felt like I should have some Rocky theme music playing in the background while I was doing dips, crunches, and reps. I found my mind wandering to that future moment when I will win my first boxing match and hmmmm who I will thank :) Do you think people would pay to watch a movie about a 40 year old housewife working out and becoming buff? :) What about sequels? :)


Okay, now I must show you what I learned today. But to show you what I learned I have to remind you that every other week I take a drive to Hartford, Connecticut to shop at Aldi and that is why I did not get to blog this morning because Susan and I were shopping in Connecticut and in case you don't know all about my Aldi discovery here is a link http://overthinkingeverything.blogspot.com/2009/04/is-it-worth-drive.html to my blog about it..... Oh my goodness, I have always wanted to say that...guess who figured out how to put a link on her blog? Be sure to click on it so you can be the first one to tell me I did it wrong :)


Another thing on my mind today is the toll booth guy. You see where I live in Massachusetts I go through a toll booth at least 4 times a day. I have really got to know all the people who work at the toll booths at exits 3,4,5 and 6 on the Mass Pike. We never say anything to each other but we still know about each other. Our nods and smiles are loaded with information :) They hear me yelling at my kids. They see me in my exercise clothes. They see me in my church clothes. They know a lot of stuff :) Well there is this one toll booth guy that for some reason thinks I need him :) And I do need him to take my ticket but that's about it :) But yesterday when I came through the exit from the Mass Pike this guy did not take my ticket.....I was holding my ticket out to him but he did not hold out his hand to take it....something I am sure he is trained to do instead he asked me why I am always smiling? My reply? Something lame like , I am smiling because I have you trained to take my ticket? I really could not come up with an answer but he was very serious. When we finally got through the toll booth I looked at my two teenagers who were staring at me with their mouths open. And then Miriam declared (as only Miriam can) something to the effect that she thought she was okay with the dad she has :)


I would be remiss if I did not thank Kohl's for having enough faith in me to send me another 30% off coupon. I think Kohl's has figured out that I will always come through for them if they send me the 30% off. They know I like to share. They know I tell everyone I see that I have a 30% off coupon and that they can share it with me. I did not let them down this week. With the permission of Mark at the customer service desk I monopolized a checkout line for a good 15 minutes. With my $72.00 worth of purchases and then 4 other separate transactions. I never keep a balance on that Kohl's card but I do love the coupons I earn by using it...and...ahem...so do my friends. There is nothing more rewarding than watching your "pre" 30% off total drop :) I still have it.... can you get here before the 7th of October? :) Or do you want me to Fed Ex the coupon to you?


So I will see you on Monday. Think of me when I am getting Baird children to do yard work, getting Baird children to watch conference, getting Baird children to help me re arrange the basement and I will confirm all you suspect will happen and oh so much more next week.


Rebecca S. said...

How cruel to mock me with your 30% off coupon when I don't even live in a country that has a Kohl's. I miss that store.

Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

I tried your link to Aldi, what is it because it to me to outer darkness...

Anne Marie said...

I think your writing just keeps getting better and better! You will have to compile a book one of these days.

Jenn said...

The link has one too many http:// when it tries to load. Remove one and it should go to the link.