Oct 11, 2009

Where To Start.

Okay, the good news is I am baaaacccck and I missed you. The bad news is it is going to take me a couple of posts to properly fill you in on all the fun I have been having without you. So think of it as a mini series. You really like those.

My sister Sarah got here on Thursday afternoon. It has been a year since I have seen Sarah. My 5 siblings and I are all spread across the United States so we do not get to see each other very much. My other sisters Rachel and Becky have both recently had little babies so they can't just jump on a plane and go do whatever they want right now as easily as Sarah and I can. And my brothers also have little kids and my parents are in Hawaii for 18 months. So that leaves Aunt Sarah and Aunt Jenny to have all the fun by ourselves.

It was very hard to decide what to do with our time together. I live by so many amazing things and we Ord's do hate having to make decisions. But we finally made some decisions and this is how it all went down.

Friday morning we drove 40 minutes to Stockbridge, Massachusetts to see Norman Rockwell's museum. You can get free museum passes at the Westfield library so if you ever come visit I can get you into the museum for free.....are you tempted to skip work and get in the car yet? The morning was overcast but it was still a pretty drive. Stockbridge is an amazing little New England town in The Berkshires that is a very popular destination so be prepared for other people to be there if you ever go. In the town is the very old Red Lion Inn, lots of cute shops and New England-y looking churches and homes. But we drove past it all and on to the museum which is just a few miles out of town.

What can I say about Norman Rockwell? Is their anyone else who can capture faces and real life as well as he can? I confess sometimes when I go to those "other" museums I have been known to skip over some of the pictures and often....gasp....not read every little square with words on it that is hanging next to the pictures BUT when I go to the Norman Rockwell museum I always read everything there are so many amazingly interesting facts about how his pictures came to be.

After you look at every single thing in his museum you can walk around outside on the beautiful grounds and even meander over to his studio. SO, despite the fact that rain is not kind to girls with curly hair, my sister and I decided we had to put seeing Norman Rockwell's studio ahead of our looks. The positive side of the rain was that my sister and I were the only ones who braved the rainy walk to the studio so we got the VIP treatment when we arrived. Lots of fascinating info about good old Norman's life.

After we left the Museum we headed into Stockbridge and faced the rain again while we, ate, and ran in the Country Curtains store. Our time was short since we needed to get going to New York City. SO it was the abridged version of seeing Stockbridge.

We headed to Springfield to pick up my friend Gail who came to New York City with us. If you have a friend named Gail you never, ever go to New York City without her. She is awesome. I hate to be late but we were, sadly, late to pick her up. But by 1:45 pm we were on our way through Connecticut to New York City. From my house it is a two and a half hour drive to the city. Two and a half hours only happens if you are the only person heading into New York City that day. Which I have not been fortunate enough to have happen...yet. But the drive into the city is very beautiful. I always take the Merritt Parkway and it is a beautiful drive...yes, roads can be beautiful, :) if you are skeptical about my claims go to Google images and "google" Merritt Parkway. Apparently lots of other people feel the same way I do about the scenery on this road because there are a lot of pictures of the unique bridges and trees that you see along the way. I am always surprised how I will be driving along on this beautiful road and then all of a sudden I am in The Bronx. We took a small detour this time because the navigator was in the middle of a very fascinating story. But I don't mind detours, as long as I have no time constraint, so ending up on the wrong side of Manhattan was very do-able.

We arrived downtown Manhattan on the Hudson River side ( AKA the "right side") at about 5:45pm. A lot of people recommend not driving into New York City. I am not one of those people. The roads are straight. The roads are numbered, in order, and perfectly square. It does not bother me at all to drive in Manhattan. I don't care if I get honked at, matter of fact I don't feel like part of the club if I don't get honked at at least twice. So despite the signs that warn of a $300.00 fine if you honk I did get honked at. Gail and I have found a very inexpensive parking lot on 60th street right next to the Trump's impressive row of real estate and I also have a couple back up parking lots if needed. But this time we got to park at our hotel. Which was SO great.

We were on the 6th floor of the hotel with a "to be expected" view of more at least 6 story tall buildings all around us. So I made up a view in my head that was much better and got over it :) We dropped off our luggage and headed into the city.

So when I write tomorrow morning and the next day you can look forward to hearing all about what TKTS is, what Broadway show we saw, an amazing bakery we discovered, our cruise around the harbor, our walk by the NYC sanitation department, shopping on Canal street, the boy wearing only a pink polka dot speedo, ending up in the fur district and best of all the two girls we saw wearing ONLY bubble wrap.


Marty Countryman said...

We are planning a trip to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York and Boston - hopefully to be taken this next summer. We would like to put in our request for 4 tickets to the Norman Rockwell Museum. Thank you.

Pam Mueller said...

I can't believe you don't mind driving in Manhattan, those people are nuts there! I need to have you as my tour guide when Rachel and Travis come home at Christmas! He wants to go into the city and I am scared to death to take them. I NEED YOU

Melissa said...

Oh I can't stand it! I need to get to NYC sometime in my life- sound like fun!

Kristy said...

Wait a second ... were YOU two Ord girls the ones wearing the bubble wrap? Wild things!