Nov 9, 2009


"The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma."

Every once in awhile I just need to make sure that Mr. Blog knows who is boss. He often tries to make sure everything is all about him. I would love nothing better than to oblige him but the thought that could run my life is a little scary. So I sometimes force myself to back off and to do without expressing every thought in my head for just a few days just to prove that I can.

Are you enslaved to anything? I really preach moderation anytime the subject comes up. Do I practice it? Good question. I do as soon as I realize I am not doing it :) Apparently the word is if you are alive you are probably addicted to something. I am trying to think what I have been addicted to in my life? What am I enslaved to? What can I not live without? reassurance is not a brand new caffeinated beverage...why would I be addicted to something normal? I instead have to be addicted to, "a positive declaration intended to give confidence," and be sure to notice it is not just plain old assurance but RE-assurance.....just great. I hate that I need to know I am doing okay from someone other than myself.

Flannel Pajamas...Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring you name the season I am wearing them anytime after 9 in the evening. I have been wearing them since high school. My college room mates enjoyed teasing me about them. But I adore them. The cessation of flannel nightgowns would definitely cause severe trauma to me.

Well manicured lawn..... I honestly do not necessarily care what is growing in the area where lawn is supposed to be but it better be mowed. On October 9, 1999 if you were looking for me you could have found me mowing my do I know? Because I was three days away from giving birth to Tatiana and I was mowing the hill in my front yard and the hill in my backyard in our yard in Kansas. Don't feel too bad about it I am still making my husband pay for it :)

Roller Coasters.....The minute Six Flags New England( which is 35 minutes from my house) opens I become obsessed with figuring out how I am going to get there as many times as possible. Once I am there I am obsessed with riding the roller coasters as many times as I can. When I am not at Six Flags I am often thinking about riding those roller coasters. I love to share the Six Flags experience with my friends but my uncontrollable need to literally run from roller coaster to roller coaster really cramps my friends style...I may have to start going...gasp...alone. That is definitely not a good sign if your addiction makes you want to be alone :)

Asking Questions....I do love knowing what makes everything tick.

You see addiction is caused by the emotion that the substance or behavior brings about in the user. The body and mind become dependent on that feeling and seek to maintain it. If you are addicted to something you apparently can not be cured you just have to learn how to control it, withstand impulses, and recognize it. So that means that I am a ticking time bomb and any minute without your support I could go back to:

Watching Survivor, Amazing Race, and Ugly Betty every week.
Needing a Reese's peanut butter cup every time I went to the grocery store.
Needing the dishes to be done before I went to bed...(so glad that addiction is gone :)
Folding the socks.
Needing straight hair
Purchasing People magazine....yeah, very embarrassing time....I justified it because it was better for me than that Reese's peanut butter I would reward myself for not getting the chocolate by getting People magazine....okay, now it is your turn to over share :)

You know there are some addictions I could use:

Folding clothes right when they come out of the dryer
Flossing...I do floss just not twice a day
Putting the lid on the only fault.
Not caring if you like me.
Determination...yeah that one skipped me completely :)

So I am back to blogging but don't forget every once in awhile I may need to take a few days off because I don't want to become addicted to entertaining I?


Kristy said...

I, for one, like your daily blogging addiction!

Pam Mueller said...

Yes, please do entertain me!