Nov 4, 2009

All About Raking.

I know, I know, I missed you too. The day just does not seem the same does it? Wednesday is a tough day at the Baird house. Usually I can work in a blog but not yesterday. So if you promise not to be jealous of what I did without you I will tell you.....

First it was all about getting ready for cub scouts. Den meetings are on Wednesday night. On Monday I always look through all the cub books and decide what I am going to do for the weeks activity just in case I need time to prepare something special. Then on Tuesday I usually do absolutely nothing that has to do with cub scouts. Then Wednesday I work hard on it all morning. I have to organize activities for Bears, Wolves, and Webelos every Wednesday. It is almost more than my brain can handle:) I do "mucho' better with uno focus rather than tres. But that is the way things are here in New England so I must learn to do the best I can. But I am just saying, for the record, give me one thing to focus on and I am your best friend.....forever. I do not have an official label for my condition but I am sure that could be arranged :)

Anyway, I spent the morning browsing on Cub scout web sites. Very educational and a little depressing but it needed to be done, it helps me stay focused as best I can so I try to check them out once a month.

After my, "cub scout morning" I was ready to face what really needed to be done.....raking leaves. Tuesday night Miriam, Tatiana and I raked the whole front yard. We decided to make the biggest pile of leaves ever made right in the middle of the lawn. So we brought our music outside and we raked, and raked, and raked. When we were done we all jumped in the pile then it was time to face the reality....bagging the leaves. My least favorite part of my relationship with the leaves in my yard is bagging them up. I was very proud of myself this year because I bought a huge package of 25 brown paper lawn and leaf bags from Costco. These bags are enormous, so enormous that my little old petite arms cannot reach all the way to the bottom to open them properly. So what would you see if you drove by my house when I was bagging a pile of leaves? You would see my two legs sticking out of the bottom of a lawn and leaf bag, you see I have to put the sack over my head and push my hands against the bottom of the sack to get it to open completely. My kids think it is hilarious. I am always happy to entertain :)

Anyway, most years I buy a package of only 5 lawn and leaf bags from Wal Mart and then I have to go back the next day to buy more, and then I have to go back the next hour for more.... forever in denial about how many leaves I actually have. That is why I was so proud of myself this year for buying 25 in one shot. I imagined I might even have some left for...gasp... next year. I imagined people complimenting me on my foresight :) I even imagined the left over ones sitting on the food storage shelf in the basement. But can I tell you that all my visions were dashed when we used 13 bags for JUST the front lawn. So that left a much bigger back yard AND two long side yards for (let's see 25-13 = 12) the 12 bags that were left. Yeah, I was bummed out. And then can you imagine how really bummed I was when I woke up this morning and could NOT see my front lawn again? Aaaaarrrghhh.

Well I love to divide things up. It just makes everything more do-able. So today my goal in my head was to get leaves and acorns into piles. I really do love to rake leaves...minus the acorns.....and the bagging part it really is fun. You know the rumor is that I could just forget bagging and rake everything into the woods. You see on two sides of our house there is deep, dark woods and a lot of people in New England give their leaves back to the woods without a second thought. But I confess, I have this small thought in my mind that they will end up back in my yard the minute the wind blows so my first choice has never been to rake them into the woods. Although I do longingly think about it when I am bagging my leaf piles :)

I felt a little panicked when Miriam arrived home from school at 2:30 pm and I had not even touched the back yard. You see it is supposed to rain and snow tomorrow and Friday and I just want the leaves done. So I decided it was time for the riding lawn mower to serve two purposes at the Baird house.....leaves and lawn. So I asked Miriam to mow the leaves in the back yard while I was doing the paper route....I told her I just wanted to see what would happen. She was not happy about having a job since she was "busy." But when I pressed her for a definition of busy and she stated the word"facebook" I knew I had her.

When I came home from paper routes I did not even go in the house I just headed for my rake. And as I headed for the rake the back yard caught my eye. I walked back there staring in disbelief, not a leaf in sight.....well not a leaf on the grass. I ran into the house calling Miriam's name. When I found her I said, "I think we found what you are good at." She laughed. But seriously she just mowed, and mowed, and mowed those leaves and now they are little teeny tiny minuscule pieces that will actually nourish and strengthen Mr Lawn. I swear to you all I will never buy lawn and leaf bags in bulk again. I got her to mow the rest of the yard and.....the neighbors yard too :) It truly is a miracle how easy and perfect it was.

So the yard is leaf free for the moment and I had a small chat with the rest of the leaves that are in the trees and I told them that they must at least have the decency to fall in the night when it is dark and I can not see them. And I mentioned to them that the neighbors yard is much better than mine :) Also, I thought I should mention that next time you are looking to buy a house you might want to count how many oak trees are on your property. And understand the consequences of your choices :)


Bernd and Rachel said...

I feel your pain Jenn! We have TONS of leaves too. I actually broke down thi year and bought a blower/mulcher/vaccuum thingy. Best $50 I've spent in a long while!:)

Marty C. said...

What cub scout calling do you have? Why on earth are you organizing activities for all three units? Why aren't the Wolf, Bear, and Webelos leaders each doing their own? Do all three units doing something together at the beginning or end of cub scouts (at regular meetings)? If so, why aren't the leaders each taking a week? The Cub Master is only responsible for the monthly pack meeting. I do not understand why you are doing this extra work? Please explain.