Nov 18, 2009

Everything You Wanted To Know About Midnight Showings But Were Afraid To Ask.

It's official. I am attending the midnight showing of New Moon. I mean everyone knows that if a movie comes out that has the name moon in it you must attend at midnight :) I really honestly, went back and forth on when to see New Moon. I asked friends what they were doing a few weeks ago and strangely no one likes to commit to plans as early as I do. I secretly wanted to go to the midnight showing but I was having a hard time finding someone who does the, "midnight showing thing." I tried to convince myself that I did not need to see the midnight showing, I even said out loud a few times that I did not need to do the midnight showing....but, I myself, and possibly Jacque and Jenn D :)

So this morning when I was exercising on Gail's elliptical and she asked me if I wanted to go to the midnight showing of New Moon I blurted out, "yes" with tears of joy (another lie...the tears part). I had thought about asking Gail if she wanted to go but I knew she had not read the Twilight books so I did not ever imagine she would want to participate in the madness. But I was wrong, wrong, wrong. So I cut 5 minutes off my exercise time, skipped the Health Rider and we purchased the tickets on line at 6:18 am from the comfort of her home. I was interested to see that they had already loaded up 4 theaters with New Moon viewers in our theater in West Springfield.

My first midnight show I ever saw was The Holy Grail at BYU. A pack of us walked down to the off campus movie theater and I confess I immediately fell in LOVE with midnight showings. Since then I have seen many more midnight showings and I have even occasionally taken my children to see midnight showings, yes, on a school night. What have I seen at a midnight showing? All the Lord of The Rings movies, Star Wars prequels, and some of the Harry Potter's. There are not many other movies that have been released at midnight...Spider Man, Batman, and The Pirates of The Caribbean sequels. Most of the midnight showings of movies are reserved for B type movies. Movies whose titles I would never recognize in a million years.

When did the midnight movie thing start anyway? Yeah, you know that I had to know. Midnight showings started in the 70's and they were a screening of non-mainstream movies that was designed to help build a cult film audience. The words midnight showing, B movie and cult film are actually all synonymous. (yes, in case you were wondering I did spell that without a spell check :) It is a purely camp experience. You will not be surprised to know that midnight showings started in New York City.

Speaking of New Moon let's chat for a moment shall we? My Madeline begged me, and begged me, and begged me to read those darn Twilight books. I resisted for quite awhile. But when we moved to Massachusetts I had nothing to do, no friends, no life. It was the perfect scenario for a series. So I decided I should give these books about werewolves and vampires a chance, even though it seemed ludicrous to me to imagine that I would like them. But I did like them. And now like every woman and young teenage girl in the world who has read them I have the very realistic idea that there is a vampire somewhere out there that loves me no matter how human I am. He sneaks in my room at night and watches me sleep, thinks I am beautiful...not "cute", which I get way too much, but actually beautiful :) Did I just ruin your notion that I had a grip on reality? :)

So tomorrow night I am attending book club and then heading over to the theater. Amanda is going with me. The show is 2 hours and 15 minutes long and I live 25 minutes from the movie theater which means I should get a good 2 hours of sleep before I have to get up for Seminary. And no we will not skip Seminary because we have been assigned to provide breakfast this week :)


Danielle said...

Do you know how unfair this is? LOL I have been toying with the idea of going to the Midnight showing of New Moon also. The problem is, the ONLY location here in Arkansas that is remotely close to me is about an hour away. There is only the one show time which leads me to believe that the midnight showing is the only one. *sigh* So I may have to skip it, and live vicariously through you. PLEASE, please don't leave out any details when you write about how great it is even at the risk of rubbing salt in the wounds of those of us who can't go. You really had me at that "tears of joy" bit. haha.

Kristy said...

Sounds delightful! If I had someone who would attend with me, I think I would go. But I don't think I would do it if it meant only two hours of sleep. You go, girl!

Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

YOU PLAN ON SLEEPING AFTER THE MOVIE???? Are you nuts? I am going to be taking a large dose of No Doze and crashing sometime Friday night! I won't be able to get up if I have only had a couple of hours of sleep. I'll feel hung over :]
If I were you, I would send something ahead tomorrow for seminary breakfast on Friday and have them stash it in the fridge at church until then!!!!! :) They'll understand...

Julie C said...

I am delighted to discover that I am not the only adult woman (over 40) going to the midnight showing of New Moon. I am going with two thirtyish kids from the University Ward. We are making an entire evening of it and doing dinner, but I must admit I am not watching Twilight with them beforehand.

My husband refuses to comment on this activity, other than rolling his eyes when he knows I am looking. :-)