Nov 2, 2009

In A Muddle.

Have you ever thought or acted in a confused, aimless way? Have you ever made a mess of things? How about being in a confused mental state? Well I recently learned that all of these things are defined as being in a muddle...... so congratulations you can join my muddle club. I fear I am the queen of muddles :)

SO how on earth did all this talk of muddles come up? Well I was finishing up reading my book A Room With A View this weekend and I came across the word muddle. I never noticed it when I read the book before but this time it caught my attention it actually spoke to my soul :) I quickly fished in my purse for something to write with and as if my life depended on it I started diligently underlining all the information about Miss Honeychurch's muddle. You feel so deeply for her when old wise Mr Emerson declares to her on page 422 that she is in a muddle. The book is almost over and you have been reading along for 422 pages feeling anxious as you have watched Miss Honeychurch arrive at her muddled state. You have longed to tell her. But Old Mr Emerson does it so well that it is well worth waiting for I mean listen to what he says to her, "There's nothing worse than a muddle in all the world. It is easy to face death and fate, and the things that sound so dreadful. It is on my muddles that I look back with horror_on the things that I might have avoided."

Miss Honeychurch has been lying to herself avoiding any opportunities to confide in anyone, even her own mother, because she knows that confidences just might lead to self knowledge and self knowledge always leads to light which is sometimes not as comfortable as the dark. She does not want to deal so she just keeps lying. Oh don't worry Miss Honeychurch figures it all out in the nick of time and gets to marry George. But it is oh so painful until that time arrives

I wish their would have been a old Mr Emerson in my life pointing out my muddles. You see if someone points out your muddles and persists long enough and you just happen to listen just the right amount of time all of a sudden you can feel the layers of darkness that you have created falling away piece by piece until you can see all the way to the bottom of your soul and have that amazing moment of realization. Once Miss Honeychurch realizes what has happened she declares sobbing, " I'm caught in the tangle." I know that feeling that, "being caught in the tangle" feeling. Sometimes you are so caught there is nothing you can do. The earlier you face the muddle the better. But you really have to know yourself or be hanging around with someone who has enough courage to warn you of the muddle. I wonder if people in my past saw my muddles and didn't dare to meddle in my muddle?

When I googled muddle just to see what would come up there was nothing good in regards to muddles....there was insurance muddles, there was Barak Obama muddles, there was a Bush vs Korea muddle way back in 2005, and there was a man named Debesh who lives in India that is caught in a muddle of some type.

So here's to avoiding muddles. When you have that moment that you can see the whole of everything at once even if it means you have to be incredibly brave and admit something you don't want to I am pretty sure it is worth it I mean nothing can be good about a tangle....right?


Kristy said...

I don't like muddles. Mr. Emerson is correct.

Annette said...

Wow, I saw the movie, but you now make me want to read the book. If it can help me get out of the muddles it would be so nice! I love the way you take life and make it seem so... thoughtfully fun!

My Many Coloured Days said...

My mom uses that word all the time. I'm going to have to read that book.

Steve & Linda said...

does it help for your mommy to say that you did not want info about your muddles and preferred to plunge forward to the tangle rather than have insight? Lots of times we can see the muddles others are headed for but not see the one we ourselves are headed for.