Nov 19, 2009

The Meanings of Words.

You know how I love words. I love to look up their meanings, knowing what they specifically mean is very empowering to me. I want to use the perfect word whenever I can. I try to think very carefully about my words when I write and I should think about them a little more when I converse face to face :) I hate when I hear someone use a word in a conversation but I am not totally sure what it means. I hate even more when I decide to live on the "wild side" and use that word in another conversation and then I have that small wonder in the back of my mind if I used the word right? I always seem to have a word or two that I am wondering about in my mind. And even though I know it could spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e for my little old over thinking, love to take things literal, but cute mind I can never resist the urge to look up the word.

At church on Sunday a friend and I were chatting and this friend mentioned to me that I might want to practice being apathetic and that it might solve an ever so small problem I am experiencing. Well I realized I was not totally sure what apathetic meant, so on Monday morning I looked it up and discovered that if you are to behave in an apathetic way you have to appear unconcerned, uninterested, AND indifferent.

Whew, I do not think I have ever been any of those three words...EVER. I definitely see the benefit of having these words in your life. I have tried with all my might, at different times throughout my life, to appear to be unconcerned, uninterested, and indifferent but I really can't do it. I live life differently than that. I mean you probably already knew that the antonyms of apathetic are emotional and concerned. Yeah, that's more like it, that's more Jennifer.....sigh. I found it interesting that this friend is a guy and that guys are often quite gifted at appearing unconcerned, which is actually a very good thing, it has a calming effect on those of us not currently embracing the apathetic way of life.

One part of being apathetic that I really like and I have mused about many times before is the, "not caring" part. When "that" genie finally appears in my life and grants me my three wishes I need to be very careful, and make sure that I don't just blurt out that my first wish is to, "not care." I definitely care way too much. Being apathetic does not seem to be a good thing according to all the "experts" on google. But I still long for just a little bit of apathy. I knew that when this friend mentioned the benefits of acquiring apathy he did not intend for me to take every bit of the definition of apathy literally but it is fun to really research what a word means.

So now when someone tells you you need to get yourself some apathy you will know what it is and when you figure out how to get it will you call me....on my cell phone.....and make sure they take debit cards :)


Camie said...

Hi Jen! I could also use some apathy--if you find some on sale, let me know! And I think the problem is that isn't not only appearing unconcerned or indifferent, but it's ACTUALLY BEING unconcerned. You and I could probably appear unconcerned, but we probably wouldn't actually be unconcerned! Right? Love this post!

Juli said...

Jenn, I think that we should have talked more in Indiana. I read your blog and I think that is so me. I don't know how to not care. I love that you write what I feel.