Nov 20, 2009


What I have accomplished today:

Watched New Moon from 12:01 am to 2:22 am.

Fell into bed at 3:00am....

Got up at 4:45 am and finished putting together the fruit pizza we took to Seminary today.

5:10 am drove in the pouring rain to Seminary in Springfield....Did you know I drive by the Basketball Hall of Fame twice everyday? It is located three minutes from our church building.

Did not exercise today...dozed in the car while the teenagers were in Seminary.

Drove back to Westfield.

Missed the turnoff to the high school as I was, yet again, day dreaming.

Turned around in the Dunkin Donut Parking lot where the answer to the requests for donut holes coming from inside my head was a resounding NO.

Dropped the girls at the high school

Tried to keep my eyes open as I drove home from the high school.

Walked in the house, walked straight to my bed, fell asleep in my coat.

Gave the 7 and 10 year old getting ready for school instructions from the comfort of my own bed...(still in my coat)...... this was an amazing discovery as I have never tried it before. Note to self: try this again :)

Got up at 8:30am and actually took my coat off :)

Checked e-mails and changed Facebook status

Thought about making a list of what I need to accomplish before we drive to Michigan and Indiana next week...but didn't do it.

Did the dishes.

Finished taping the upstairs bathroom.

Dropped one of the light fixtures in the upstairs bathroom and broke it into a thousand pieces.

Had a philosophical discussion with Gail on the phone while touching up my paint job from yesterday.

Had a philosophical discussion with Jenn D. on the phone while still taping the walls in the upstairs bathroom.

Read 3 reviews of New Moon, online.

Prayed about how to get my husband to stop commenting on my Facebook page.....noticed he is also on Madeline's page all the time maybe she and I can put our heads together and come up with a plan to convince him that his own Facebook page is just as fun as our Facebook pages :)

Decided to blog about pretty much nothing...but thankfully, Jerry Seinfeld has established that sometimes the most interesting things are about nothing :)

Now I am off to make myself some soup for lunch and to long wistfully that I had a Hickory Farms beef stick to eat with my swiss cheese and crackers :)


Danielle said...

So how was the movie?

Madeline said...

Geeze, I know! Dad is ALLL over my wall! It's kinda gross..