Nov 23, 2009

Over Thinking Color.

I need things to be symmetrical. I need things to flow. I need everything to match. All I really need is for things to be perfect. These small personality traits that I have been born with have really put a damper on color ever happening in the Baird house throughout the years.

Wait, hang in there, you already know that this story has a happy ending. When we moved to our brand new, very plain, very white house in December and spent a long New England winter with white trim, white walls and white snow on the ground outside something finally clicked and I realized that color was necessary and thus my desire for color was finally born. After I had the desire I had to find Mr. Courage. It took a lot of reading about how to paint and how to choose colors before I was able to convince my fears to go away finally able to recognize that the worst thing that could happen would be that I would have to paint over something. After I was able to realize that I was free to paint. I researched and researched. And in the name of research I took more of those little free color squares from Home Depot than I would ever admit to taking. I tried to notice when I saw a color I liked. I tried to figure out what items in my house had a color I really loved.

To make a long story short... I am now the proud owner of 2 red walls, 2 hershey brown walls, 4 New England "cottagey" blue walls, and several that are the color of Ralph Lauren's oatmeal. I still have a lot of plain old white walls but I am working on it.

Now that I have dealt with my fear of color I have come to the next problem which is that of accessorizing. Some people are born with the ability to accessorize, others are not. I do not have the gift. I don't wear earrings, I never wear necklaces, I do wear bracelets. I never wear scarves. I do not own a belt. I know being able to accessorize is what sets us apart from the animals but I am a dismal failure at it. There are hardly any pictures on my walls and I own hardly any kitsch. I am heavily into simplicity. I abhor clutter. It is very difficult for me to justify purchasing stuff that does not have a purpose. I want my clutter to be meaningful. I want to remember something or someone when I look at it. I will tell you a deep dark secret...I do not even have pictures of my children displayed around the house. Please don't report me to the accessory police I am actually, ever so slowly, seeing the benefit of accessorizing my house but I have no idea where to start.

So I have two bathrooms that are completely painted, that have curtains, and even some shelves hanging on the walls I just need to locate some accessories :)


Kristy said...

I adore that color! I am so happy that you finally embraced the joy of painting one's walls anything but white. :)

Now. Could you please share some of that clutter abhorrence thing with me?

Melissa said...

Love the color! So pretty! Start with some pictures of your kids- in black frames.

My Many Coloured Days said...

Love that color. I want the name and number - if it has one.

Also - this post made me think we may actually be twins separated at birth. Touche.