Nov 24, 2009

Road Trip.

Oh drat....I will be gone for a few days. Most Thanksgiving's the Baird family stays home and invites people from our church over to eat with us. We always talk about traveling but usually Thanksgiving break seems to small to justify a long drive somewhere. But this year it somehow seemed longer. We have rarely spent Thanksgiving with family. Everyone is too far apart. And that is okay with me. I grew up with Thanksgiving being that way, we always had people from our church over to eat...never blood relatives.

This year I realized my two youngest girls have not experienced many Baird family road trips and decided it needed to happen. So tonight at 7pm we are off to Michigan to visit my sister Becky. We will drive all night and arrive in the morning. Aunt Rachel from Pittsburgh is coming too. It is the first time we have seen Aunt Becky in at least three years so we are looking forward to it. Riding horses, swimming in her pool, shopping, fighting with cousins, shooting skeet, and much more :)

A very important part of a road trip for us is books on tape. I spent hours in the library yesterday trying to choose books on tape that would appeal to ages 7 up to 43. It is always a challenge. I am excited because I got Mayflower by McCullough. It seems very appropriate.

On Saturday morning after hanging in Michigan we are going to head to Indiana to our old stomping grounds. The kids are excited to see old friends and attend our old church building there. And then we will drive like the wind to be back to Massachusetts by Monday morning :)

I will post on Monday when I get back. I will think of you all when I have my turn at driving from midnight to morning :)

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