Nov 10, 2009

Things Your Mom Told You That May Not Be True.

Today I was cutting out coupons and I noticed on the page with Lysol products that there was a little box next to the coupons with HINI Safety tips written in it. I smiled to myself wondering how much money Lysol is making right now. Because how would you be disinfecting "commonly touched hard surfaces" without Lysol? Then my mind started wandering and I realized I wanted to blog about myths today. Whoa, no I don't think HINI is a mind just wandered as it so often does.

I love it when myths are wrong because I am a, "hands off" mom. I own one bottle of ibuprofen that I purchased from Costco, who knows when, and my dear friend Karen uses it way more than the Baird family does. I never have medicine on hand. I take my babies to church the Sunday after they are born....which is probably why they all have anger management issues as teenagers :) I rarely have Kleenex. I let my kids read in dim light. I let them go to school without coats. I do not care if they swallow gum. And the worst? Read this in your whisper voice....... I let them eat sugar.

So this morning I decided to Google some of these myths to see what I could discover. And if I seem a little giddy as I tell you what I found it is because I am being validated and that rarely happens so be happy for me and continue as you were :)

Okay, so you know how you always hear parents saying how their kids have had so much sugar they are bouncing off the walls? Well I googled, "Does sugar make you hyper?" and there was overwhelming evidence that it does not in any way affect behavior. More than 20 studies have been done on the subject and I read the results of 5 and it seems that situations where kids would tend to eat a lot of sugar are situations where they are going to be excited parties or family gatherings etc. If you want them to be hyperactive you would have to give them a ton of caffeine, crack or dopamine. Sugar actually has a more opiate effect on your brain. Think about how many people eat sugar to comfort themselves? Would they eat it if it made them feel hyper? Now the part about it being bad for your teeth and the part about it making you fat.......both true :) And now is the part where I confess that I let my kids eat, and eat, and eat their Halloween candy until they are sick...then I have them brush their teeth and we are non stop begging for candy.

How many of us say to our kids that they need to wear a coat because they will catch a cold? I said that until I had my first junior high age child who wore shorts and no coat to school in Kansas winter and nothing happened to him. So, you guessed it, I googled, "Can you get a cold by going outside without a coat? "And the answer was a resounding no...matter of fact who really needs coats ? :) JK. It turns out people think catching a cold is from being cold because people seem to get more sick in cold weather but the reason they get sick more is because they are inside more cooped up with all those adorable germs. Rhinovirus which is the cause of colds actually is technically dead so he is not even affected by temperature at all. Guess what? You can even send your kid outside with wet hair in the cold with no coat and nothing will happen....well, except they will be cold :) And no you can't get pneumonia from being cold either :)

I love to read and I will often be reading somewhere and my husband will ask me if he can turn on the light. I always answer no and without having any proof I tell him, "that is a myth." It turns out I was right...reading in dim light does not affect your eyesight. In 2007 this myth was actually listed as one of the top 7 medical myths that even doctors are likely to believe. Think of the generations of pioneers that read by candlelight and they all seemed to turn out fine.

It is funny how there are certain phrases that parents just always say because their parents did without ever wondering if they are actually true. It was so easy to just google it and discover that they were all myths and now I can go back to being a bad parent and have a little less guilt. Unless......GASP...... google isn't true and then my little world is definitely in trouble :)

So have fun eating as much candy as you want, not wearing coats and reading in dim light...actually try all three together and see what happens :) And before you start spreading rumors about me I do teach my children to tell the truth and to be nice to other people.


Camie said...

HI Jen! I won't be gossiping about your mothering, because I'm a hands off mom too. I rarely give my kids medicine, don't believe in hand sanitizer (though I do insist on washing hands after the potty and before dinner), and we consume our fair share of sugar here too. The one thing I differ from you is I don't take my kids to church the first week they are born. It is too hard for me to figure out how to shower on a schedule when I have a newborn and anyway, when else would I miss church for a few weeks and feel fine about it??

Kristy said...

Ladies, hand sanitizer is your friend! Once you have gotten an icky infection that won't go away, you will use it like it is going out of style.

Please Google: "Can listening to Rush Limbaugh cause brain damage?" I'm sure you know what the answer will be.

Mwaa haahaa haaa.

Rebecca S. said...

I KNEW I was right that being cold does not cause a cold! Thanks for the confirmation.

Pam Mueller said...

Rebecca hates to wear a coat. She is always HOT. At school, she is not allowed outside unless she has a coat on. Can you believe it? She got in trouble for not having on a heavy enough coat. What are these recess monitors thinking?
My doctor told me that the cold virus stays suspended in cold air. In cold weather it is up in the air close to where we can breathe it in. During warmer weather the virus falls to the ground, thus less colds in the warmer months.
Food for thought.

Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

Okay Jenn,
You must stop spreading these things!!! What kind of leverage am I going to have with my chitlins if it gets out that I'm wrong???

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