Dec 4, 2009

Book Frustration.....the Worst Kind.

It seems like no matter how I try I can never pace the flow of books in and out of my house. Sometimes I have absolutely nothing to read and other times I feel panic because I have a ton to read. Why the panic? Well because I never buy books I request them from the library. I go online and search for the books I want and then I request them and they send them to my library for me to pick up. Nine times out of ten my library in Westfield does not have the books I want so I have loved this option that gives me access to the all the libraries in Western Massachusetts, it is perfect.......except for that part where the books are due back, thus causing me panic.... I mean sometimes a girl needs more than two weeks to read a book and sometimes after she renews it the second time she still needs more time, depending on the season of her life :)

On my side table right now I have 9 books that I want to read right now. Four of them are library books. Three of them are books I have borrowed from friends.....way too long ago. And two of them I actually own. The four from the library are my first priority and they are:

Gardening in New England
I am determined to figure out gardening in New England if it kills me so my goal this winter is to read and read on the subject. My plants are catching a lot of diseases, some are hardly growing at all while others are doing fine, and the pests think I am their best friend. So I really need answers.

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas.......I confess I had never heard of this book. But a friend was reading it and I was curious. I am always up for a new book. When I went to the library to request it the librarian had the hardest time finding it in an unabridged form. There was one copy in all of Western Massachusetts. I peeked inside the book last night since I picked it up yesterday and after three pages I could hardly put it down. But I have to wait since I am in the middle of something else. But the introduction sucked me right in...I mean when inside the front cover it says that, "the characters in this book are among the most superbly drawn in all of literature" who can resist that? And then to top it off when you read that Alexander Dumas "poured his appetite for life, his energy and boundless imagination into the book" you pretty much want to hire a maid so you can just focus on reading all 506 pages.

Enchantment by Orson Scott Card
Have you ever read anything by Orson? Enders Game? I read Enders Game and then I kept intending to read some of his other books but never did. So when I was in the library wandering aimlessly the other day and saw this I thought it looked interesting. But it is not on the priority list so I fear it may not get read.

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
I can not believe that this book can not find its way to my bookshelf and just stay there. I really do adore it. I have read it way too many times and I own it so it is not a priority but it is in the stack. Remember to read Hunger Games before Catching Fire.

3- Hour Diet by Jorge Cruise
A friend was telling me about this book and I was not sure if I understood what it was about. It took a couple conversations with her before I really focused on what this book was about. No, it is not about losing weight in 3 hours...I wish :) but it is about WHEN you eat and the importance of eating every three hours. I really like the idea a lot and come January we will see how it works :) I mean who starts a diet in December? :)

The Girl In The Green Sweater by Krystyna Chiger
Yes, Carol I still have your book. This is a Holocaust book and I really want to read it but it has been sitting in my room for a long time.....

Great Bridge by David McCullough
Ever since I was a kid I always gravitated towards books about real events. History fascinates me. David McCullough has written a lot of books about real things....John Adams, Truman, The Johnstown Flood and many more. This one is about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. The building of the Brooklyn Bridge was one of the greatest events in our nation's history and I am dying to read this book. Thank goodness I own it and it does not have to go back to the library. Although I may have to arm wrestle the husband for it since it is his book....yes, I walked right into his "man room" and stole it.

A Voyage Long and Strange by Tony Horowitz
I am very ashamed that I am still reading this book. I borrowed it from Carolynne almost a year ago and I am sure she wonders if I remember that it is hers. I do. But I want to finish it. It is very interesting. Horowitz is a Pulitzer Prize winning author. But more important to me is that he has worked for the Wall Street Journal. (which I adore) This book is about the, "neglected story of America's founding by Europeans." I am halfway through it and have found what I read about The Vikings and Columbus to be very interesting.

Archenemy by Frank Beddor
This is book three in the Looking Glass Wars series. It is fantasy. But I love them. You would probably think I am crazy if you read them but I love how important imagination is in these books and what it can do.

So that my friends is my life. Nine books waiting patiently for me next to my bed. In my fantasy filled head I pack these books in a bag, grab some clothes and get in my very fast car and drive to a remote location...beach or mountains...depending on how I feel. Check into a great hotel with fabulous food close by and comfy chairs overlooking a great view. Maybe even take a friend if they have a stack of books to read also and then I spend a week reading, eating and occasionally napping :)


Melissa said...

We have all 1243 pages of the unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo- I'd lone it to you if we were closer. I've read the abridged and loved it- I don't feel like I missed a thing (although I do wonder what is in those extra 700 pages???) Glad I'm not the only one with a pile. I'm currently trying to read "The Book Theif". This is the second time I've checked it out (going on week 8 that I've had it) but having trouble finding time to read!

Madeline said...

I read Enchantment a while ago and it was pretty good but I think you would absolutely LOVE Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus by Orson Scott Card. And you know I'm never wrong about you loving a book!

Annette said...

Oh, Jenn, I love it. I am glad to know there are others out there with book issues. I get so twitchy if I don't have at least 3 desirable unreads lying around. And then I feel guilty for the pile of library books I don't have time to read. I worry is there someone out there who could be enjoying them if I weren't hording them? Agree with Madeline- don't think enchantment is his best, but Pastwatch was one of the few I really, really recommend. I love Monte Cristo, too! Have fun!

Pam Mueller said...

Love the book reviews! I may have to read a few of them over the winter. Loved Hunger Games and Catching fire. Can't wait for the next book, need to know how it all turns out for Katniss.

Julie C said...

That sounds like my fantasy vacation too - good food, great books, and no responsibilities!

Of the Ender's Game saga, I liked Speaker for the Dead best. I'll have to check out Pastwatch - thanks for the suggestion, Madeline!

I just bought "The Girl in the Red Coat" which is a Holocaust book written by the woman who WAS the girl in the red coat in the film "Schindler's List." I got it at Costco. I'll let you know how it is. I'm fascinated with the Holocaust (is that bad - to be fasinated with something so horrific?) since my father liberated a concentration work camp in Germany when he was a soldier in WWII. His experiences in that war shaped all of my family's lives.

Love your blog!