Dec 25, 2009

It's Resolution Time :)

Okay, it is 5:05 pm on Christmas Day and I am ready to move on to New Years resolutions. I have felt this strange excitement about New years resolutions this year. I even betrayed Christmas and started making my New Years resolutions list a couple weeks ago. I have never, ever done that before in my little old life so I hope it is a good sign. Can you imagine how divine it would be to keep your New Years resolutions? Don't tell me if you have experienced this joy...I live in a little imaginary world where you are all just like me and do not keep them.

It says a lot about your life when you share your New Years resolutions but I am willing to take the risk because I need to document them in this spot where I write just for me but you all happen to read it :) So here it goes.....

#1.Cooking dinner
Yeah, gasp if you must, but something has happened to cooking dinner at the Baird house. For oh so many years I have been good at cooking dinner, and not just cooking dinner but actually including all the food groups. But since the kids have grown older my afternoons have involved being in the car driving them around and not being at home during the cooking dinner time, resulting in dinner slowly disappearing. I will make something for the little girls, something for Joe, sometimes something for the older kids and nothing for the hardworking husband. I know thank your lucky stars you did not marry me.....look how miserable you would have been :) I really do not know where the desire has gone but it has definitely been gone and it has been on my mind a lot lately. I even have noticed when I do fix dinner I feel so good about myself...definitely not a good sign. I have been slowly gathering facts and trying to figure out how I can fix this problem. I mean I can not have the 10 and 7 year old growing up and thinking that cheese sandwiches are dinner can I? I have had several conversations about dinner and I have made several observations about dinner and it all lead to me making a random decision to ask for the Pioneer Woman cook book for Christmas. I have never read the Pioneer Woman blog....(insert totally unnecessary and immature jealousy of her here) but my sister went to her book signing a few weeks ago and has spent a lot of time talking to me about how amazing her new cook book is......and guess what?......she was right. It is an amazing book. After we opened presents this morning and I made sure everyone was either happy or at least able to fake happy I dashed back to my warm cozy bed and read this cookbook from start to finish. I have never read a cook book from start to finish before and may never do it again but this was well worth it. The recipe's are easy. There are step by step instructions with pictures and oh so much more. Can a cook book change your life? I think it can......I made dinner tonight and it is not even January 1st yet.

#2. Exercise and Eating.
It really would not be the New Year, or a new month, or a Monday for that matter without JB having a goal involving exercise and eating. If you know me well and have read my blog enough you know I have started on this road numerous times, everything from the Cabbage Soup diet on up to actual hard core exercise. I have learned something about myself each time I have set out to accomplish my goal of losing 10 lbs so it has not been a complete loss, gaining a little more information and a little more confidence never hurt anyone. And, strangely, this time I can not help but wonder if this is it, the time, that I am going to actually accomplish it.

#3. Thank you notes.
I am going to be more diligent in the, "thank you note writing department." My plan is to stuff a few notes in my car and in my purse so that when I am waiting for children or sitting in a boring meeting I can write a few thank you's. I am always noticing things that people around me do but never letting them know that I noticed. I have received a few perfectly timed and thoughtful thank you notes this year and they have meant a lot to me. You never know when someone needs to know that you appreciate them.

#4. Piano
Learn to play 4 new songs on the piano. I already know that one of them is going to be the music from The Snowman movie.

Can you believe that that is it? That is the Jenn Baird New Years resolution list. I feel giddy just looking at it. I hope this strange, unfamiliar feeling I feel is a good sign and means I am actually going to find Mr Determination this year and make him work hard.

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Sarah Jones said...

The Pioneer Woman cookbook IS awesome! I'm trying the Tomato Basil Pizza tomorrow - I'll let you know how it turns out...