Dec 3, 2009


A lot of my growing up years we had animals. Always dogs and cats and then when we moved to Snohomish and purchased a 14 acre "hobby" farm the dogs and cats became horses, donkeys, cows, pigs, sheep and I am sure I am forgetting something. I really like animals though I never did the 4-H thing that my sisters all did. I preferred to stay inside and play the piano, sing my guts out to Barbara Streisand, read and talk on the phone to boys. But I never hated animals. I just didn't love them.

When we moved to Washington State from California when I was 12 (?) my dad sold our trampoline and gave each of us some money from the proceeds of the trampoline to spend anyway we wanted. I bought a ten speed bicycle and a baby calf with my money..... why? just because I could. That first summer in our new house in Snohomish I had no friends so I spent a ton of time spoiling that baby calf. I was so delighted when I discovered that the this calf would follow me around. I would hide in the tall grass and she would always find me. I told her all my secrets and I named her Baby. I really created a monster with all my spoiling, she caused a lot of trouble around the farm and when I was in college they finally butchered her. We always had St. Bernard dogs which I loved. And trust me, there is nothing cuter than a baby pig, lamb or calf but I was not interested in a deeper relationship with the animals than being able to pet them occasionally.

Growing up our animals were always outside in the barn. Never in the house, unless they ran in by accident. I never thought animals should be in the house. Yes, I know oh so many of you disagree. But for me I prefer animals outside. My house, my kids shoes, my shoes, my carpet and my furniture are investments that I want to keep nice.

So, I do love animals but I am not a good pet owner. I mean I have 7 kids. I prefer to spend my money, time and efforts on them. My husband grew up on a dairy farm in Idaho he really loves animals. I think he secretly thinks he is a animal whisperer :) I have no idea how but we have owned a couple Baird family cats throughout the years. In Indiana we had one dog that oddly came with the house and 4 acres when we bought it. I am still not sure why but a couple times in Indiana we tried adding another dog to the family roster but it never worked out. The black lab puppy we tried was the cutest thing you ever saw but oh how she loved to chew my brand new trees and my brand new bushes. There is one thing you never mess with when it comes to nice little ol' me and that is my landscaping. So since beating her with The Children's Friend magazine did not work I gave her away in the dead of the night.... you probably should make a mental note that I really can show no mercy if needed :)

When we moved to Massachusetts it was a very difficult move. I was really worried about my kids surviving so when Miriam started begging for a cat I figured it was the least I could do. Finding a kitten in Massachusetts was actually quite difficult and I was ever so pleased about this. But one day after 3 months of searching Miriam found a brand new best friend and along with that friend came a kitten. After days of deliberations and a family vote on 5 names we named her Kittromney. Yes, after Mitt Romney.

Out of the five cats we have owned this cat is the strangest most annoying one. My husband, the animal whisperer, claims it is because she is the smartest cat we have ever owned. Can cats be smart? He is always trying to explain her behavior to me. Telling me crazy things like she thinks she is a guard cat? All I know is that she makes my life difficult. Let me tell you some of the things I have to do because of this cat:

#1.Make sure there are no cups left on the counters. I bet in your house if someone leaves a cup on the counter nothing happens. Well in our house the cat knocks it off. She wants to chase it around on our hardwood floors, but 9 times out of 10 there is something liquid in the cup which then ruins her plans to play with it after she has pushed it on the floor. But she never cleans up her mess.

#2. Make sure that nothing I bring home from a store in a plastic shopping bag gets left in that bag for more than 30 seconds. She will be chewing on that bag in that amount of time. She has ruined nice sweaters in shopping bags and I caught her in my closet this week munching away on the bags holding Christmas presents. She ate holes in my Aldi bags.

#3. Close the kids doors at night. She will leap on them in the night. Climb on their shelves and knock their stuff off. Steal their dollar bills and play with them. And race around their rooms loudly yowling.

#4. Pick up toys. See the picture on the top of the blog of the little animals on my (ahem) unmade bed? We have a basket full of those little animals in the play room and the cat adores them. No matter where I put them on the play room shelves she finds them and knocks the basket off and then the fun begins...she carts these animals all over our house. We all find them on out beds. Brian AKA animal whisperer says she is leaving us presents.....?.....I don't want presents from the cat. And I want her to clean up her mess :) I am really coming out to be the bad guy in this blog huh?

#5. Hide the kids ponytails and stretchy headbands...she chews them into pieces in a matter of minutes.

I pray everyday that Kittromney runs out the door and gets lost. Although I confess sometimes she will appear to be trying to mend our relationship and she will try to sit by me while I am reading or she will stare at me in her creepy cat way while I am working around the house but I am just not sure :)


Andrea said...

I met Kittromney when he was a tiny kitten when I attended a book club meeting. So cute! It's weird how some cats like to be rowdy and play all the time while others just sleep and offer nothing more than looks of contempt. Anyway, I'd hate to think of Kittromney roaming around Westfield lost and homeless. =(

Danielle said...

Your cat needs a playmate. :) hehe.. I am sure that's not what you want to hear. Brian is right, animals are pretty smart, and is more than likely trying to get your attention. Thinking about all the aggrevation she is causing you...she's probably quite amused by it!!!

Kristy said...

She is absolutely adorable! What a smart kitty she is.

Did your family really eat your Baby?