Jan 5, 2010

Is It Possible To Be Too Supportive? :)

If you support something you:
hold up,
you add strength,
you sustain,
you maintain,
you even uphold.

I confess, when I think of support the first thing that comes to my mind is pantyhose.....which I do not wear. But they always seem to have the word support on their packaging. I imagine it gives the person wearing them comfort, and possibly happiness to be supported. It would be so great if people came with labels they had to wear stating if they are good at supporting or not. If you really listen to people around you talk they are always using the word support:

"I need new shoes that support my feet better."

"I need a better mattress that supports me better."

"I need to support my back."

"It was not a very well supported event."

"You never support my ideas."

"I really wanted to support them but I just couldn't."

We seem to always be looking for ways to hold things in place and make them stronger, from our backs all the way up to our relationships. There is emotional support, technical support, AA support, support pillows, support groups, financial support, supporting troops, supporting the NRA..... I am actually sitting here trying to think of something that would not want our support and I haven't come up with anything yet. Things can not be very strong if they do not have support so everyone wants your support because no one wants to be weak. Including me :)

Everyone seems to have different expectations of support. In my family I grew up in you do not have to show your support by showing up to weddings or funerals. We all live far away from each other and it is more important to my parents that we do not go into debt to travel. They want us to come only if we can afford it. So I have missed all my siblings weddings except one. And I have only attended one funeral of a family member in my life. I am sure that in another family that would not go over well. But we are all pretty laid back and seem to have this amazing ability to understand that everyone is doing their best. I love how we never get mad at each other or have high expectations of each other.

How do you decide what you support and what you don't? Yeah, I hate that question too. I tend to want to support everything. Nothing breaks my heart more than to hear that no one showed up to your party...even if it was a Mary Kay party :) I really hate the feeling I get when I can not support something. When I have to make a choice that kills me. I really want to do it all. And I expect my children to support. They hate it. But I think it is important.

So why all the talk about support? Well, the bad part about blogging to everyone on the planet is that sometimes you just can't tell every thought in your mind. Which is a real bummer. Because I could greatly entertain you today. But suffice it to say that I will always, and forever support you no matter what as long as you are not my cat Kittromney and want me to support your late night racing through the house behaviors. Or if you are the seven year old in this house and want me to support your need for candy 24/7 :)


Kittromney said...

Dear Mom,

I only run through the house all night because someone told me it was a cat's job to keep the family entertained.

What can I do to make you love me?

Love, Kittromney

C Tam said...

hahaha. I love the comment above. I love this blog.

Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

Things I support:
*my right to be cranky
*my chocolate addiction
*my need to be supported, even when I'm being unreasonable :)
*my children, especially when they see things my way :)
*my husband, especially when he agrees with me
*a good cry
*lazy time spent in pj's
*good food
*this blog It's been very entertaining!!!! Thanks Jenn, for being you!