Jan 7, 2010

Of Doctors and Pills.

I am the worst patient ever. I avoid the doctor like the plauge. Luckily I am rarely sick so this arrangement has worked out very nicely. But every several years I feel a twinge of guilt and make an appointment. Once I make that appointment I confess I always cancel and reschedule it several times before it gets to the point that I can not face the appointment girl on the phone anymore and decide to just keep the appointment. When I finally get there I always get scolded for not coming in very much and for not doing what I was supposed to. I really hate that. They treat me like I am four years old.....despite the small fact that I may deserve it. I hate that every question he asked me my answer was no. I even felt a twinge of guilt for disappointing him. I bet everyone else loves to see the doctor and beg him to tell them what to do and then they skip home and merrily do it.......brown nosers.

Well after a recent appointment I found myself having to take daily medicine for the first time in my life. Let me tell you I am not a, "own a pill box divided into days of the week kind of girl." This has been tough. First of all it takes me days to get to the pharmacy to actually get the medicine. And then when I have to get a refill that always takes a long time too. I am horrible at swallowing pills. Everyone tries to tell me how easy it is...they say, "just put it in your mouth with a whole bunch of water and let it swim around and you will never know it went down your throat." Oh really? Are you sure that is all it takes? Because I gag on it every time? I have an announcement...ahem...."I failed pill swallowing 101." Thankfully, the pills I am now required to swallow everyday are very small and have not given me any trouble. But I have to tell you did you know that doctors can figure out if you are not taking your pills everyday? Yeah, it's called math. DRAT. I did not look so good at my doctor visit the other day. I am positive that the whole office had a little chuckle about me as I left the other day. I need to either work on my lying skills or just start doing what I am supposed too. I guess since I am 41 I better choose the later.


Kelly said...

Mail order drugs are your friend.

Most pills can be crushed (into applesauce, yogurt, whatever).

Getting old stinks.

(And in case you wonder if I'm some weird stalker, I'm the Kelly that had my baby shower in your living room when you were repainting your house in Lawrence. I bumped into your blog from someone else. ;)

My Many Coloured Days said...

I just went to the doctor today too! First time in years (not being a OB/GYN)... I guess we're off to a good start for the year! So, can you tell me how long they will keep my prescription at the pharmacy???

Anne Marie said...

I hate swallowing pills. I can only do the teeny-tiniest ones. And, I've been putting off going to the doctor for a physical...it's been more than 4 years...yeah, it's probably time.

Anonymous said...

JENNIFER!!! HEY GIRL! I "ran" into your dad on facebook, and got linked up to your page, so saw your blog link and have just read your last 4 or so posts....good reads! :)

I also found HORDES OF ORDS blog, but couldn't figure a way to leave a message for the hordes of ords...I can't believe you have a 20 somethings....Sarah is adorable, and I'm desperately seeking FARM GIRL.

Please pass my email along: jdavis@cport.net

You haven't aged a bit....it must be an Ord thing because I said the same thing to your dad about he and your mom when I saw their facebook page.

Nice seeing you...virtually.

Take good care amiga!

JENNI DAVIS of Snohomish (Monroe), now Kirkland, WA!