Feb 26, 2010

Reunited....And It Feels So Good?

Sometimes all the reuniting that is happening in my life gets a little overwhelming. Maybe Facebook should come with a warning that reuniting with old friends has been known to cause dizziness, loss of breath, speeding up of the heart and excessive wondering. And that only if you have been trained to deal with your past without the aid of chocolate are you allowed to join the social network :)

I was thinking about what I would tell myself from WAY back then if I could do that time travel thing and the very first thing I thought of was:

Not To Burn Things.
What on earth was I thinking? I do love fire and nothing makes me happier than burning things but I had no idea as I was merrily burning that I would forget how people felt about me and wonder about it someday. I mean it is a little awkward to reunite and ask, "So remind me how you felt about me?" I had no idea that I would wonder what kind of friendships I had had with people. You never, ever imagine that you will ever forget all those things that seem so real to you at the moment. I never dreamed that I would want those letters and journals to help me figure things out. Dang, it makes me sick just to talk about it. All I need to do is figure out how to get everyone to write me all those letters again and go through those experiences again so I can write them in my journal and learn from them :)

Trust Your Gut.
I think I may be the only person on the earth who did not trust my gut when I was 18. Did you know thinking too much is bad and trusting your gut is good? :) Yes, I am aware that my blog is titled over thinking everything :) Someday when I am grown up and have earned it I will rename the blog, "Trusting Your Gut" then you will know I have arrived. Did you know thinking too much and spending too much time on a decision can actually lead you to make the wrong decision? I know, it does not feel quite right to have me telling you that does it? Wait, there is more, did you know that it is advised to trust your gut not just in little decisions but .....gasp...especially in big ones, like buying a car and getting married. Your emotions reflect more than your rational mind. Yeah, wish I could tell little skinny 17 year old Jennifer that one. Do you think she would listen?

You've Got Time.
Yes, it is true I thought I had to hurry and do things that I in actuality did not have to hurry and do. I had all the time in the world. Did you know 18, 19, 20 is not very old?

Buy Confidence.
Even if it meant robbing a bank I should have bought myself some confidence. Where does confidence come from anyway? Can you grow it?

So that is pretty much it. Advice 41 year old Jenn would give to 17-20 year old Jenny. (Yes, I recently discovered that most people called me that during that time. I had forgotten :)

Oh and just in case you can not read the writing under the picture of the storm trooper at the top it says "Regret" and then underneath that it says, "Those WERE the droids I was looking for." Yeah, story of my life:)

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C Tam said...

I propose that I got ya beat in being overwhelmed by the idea of reuniting: I avoided facebook from my first invite to join (January 2007) until last week (Feb 2010). That is 3 years of dogged resistance. But I finally gave in and joined. At this point I still just have one (1) friend on facebook. I think. I cannot tell for sure because I made Jerry keep the password secret from me so I wouldn't get out of control reading everyone's lives and he hasn't had time lately to sit down with me and unlock the facebook account for me to get some friends. Not that I want any, mind you. I actually am quite happy just living in my blogosphere. But my brother-in-law only uses facebook and this is my effort to get to know him better.

Sorry for the long comments. I might be a bit self-centered. And self-conscious. But I do like reading your blog--it makes me become very introspective, I have noticed.

And regarding the question about where to get confidence, I have always liked D&C 121:45.