Mar 30, 2010

Are You The Favorite?

All the Baird children not at BYU or on a mission in Estonia, namely,Miriam, Amanda, Tatiana, Natalie and Joe, think that my favorite child is Joe. I am very curious about this. What determines a favorite? What makes other people think something is your favorite? I mean if one has a favorite child they at least know better than to wander about declaring whenever they can that "so and so is my favorite." So I am interested in why the other kids have decided that this is the case. Because I am totally, 100% sure they don't know.

A favorite is defined as,"something liked or preferred above all others...especially by a superior."

Joe chases his sisters with his air-soft guns....this is not my favorite.
Joe considers his laundry basket to be his closet.....this is not my favorite.
Joe can lose his temper very quickly...this is not my favorite.
Joe has a ton of allergies which means that feeding him proves to be a very difficult task......not my favorite.
Joe tells me a lot of things.....definitely my favorite.
Joe wears the same two shirts all the time.....not my favorite.
Joe will play Playmobil for hours with the little girls......definitely my favorite.
Joe knows when to save his money and when is the moment to spend it.......definitely my favorite.
Joe loves to go to church activities and never fusses about attending them.....definitely my favorite.

I could write a similar list for all 7 children in this house. I like some things about each of them and strongly dislike some other things about them. I honestly can say that I do not have a favorite Baird child.

But I have been asking around and I have discovered that everyone I ask who has more than two children in their family declare that their parents definitely had/have a favorite. And believe me these people know without a doubt who the favorite was.

It is hard enough for me to pick my favorite ice cream let alone my favorite child. But it does bother me that they think there is a favorite. I wonder what I do that makes them think Joe is the favorite? Definitely love this parenting gig :)


Madeline said...

ummm hello, he is SO your favorite, after Zach of course, because everyone loves Zach best. He is your favorite because he does all those 'not favorites' and you let him get away with it all and never get him in trouble for it. And you always take his side. Its nonsense. Also, Miriam is SO dads favorite.

Melissa said...

I'll admit that I have favorites. Shhhhhh! In my defense it's really hard for a hormonal teenager to compete with a sweet 4 year old or really cute baby. Not that I'm confessing my favorite I'm just saying that some ages are easier to love than others! However, 14 year old boy does not strike me as one of those ages....

Jocelyn said...

My mom totally has a favorite, we all think so too! but in reality I'm sure she loves us all equally but in different ways!
It's a joke in our family that whoever gets the attention first is the favorite, like if my uncles are visiting from out of town and they come to see my mom before my aunt then my mom is definitely the favorite. so maybe you can steal our fun!
hopefully soon your kids will all realize that you can have many favorites {especially when it comes to kids!}