Mar 1, 2010

Crafting Queen..Feel The Beat From The Tambourine? :)

Have you ever noticed that I never post any craft projects on my blog? Do you long for them? Do you wish I would stop secretly creating amazing projects for Martha Stewart and Pottery Barn and start sharing them with you? Yeah, dream on :) I am a craft queen wannabe. I realized this fact years after I had spent way too much money, on many attempts, with oh so many mediums.

I am blogging today to tell you that I am little worried. I have been noticing lately that I have been making detours in the store to walk by the rick rack, ribbon, trim, patterns and fabric. I have been thinking about the possibility of making something. This my friends is not good. Remember, I am not a craft girl in any way, shape or form. I WANT to be a craft girl. (thus, the title "wannabe.") I love the way all the craft stuff looks, the fabric, the paper, the rick rack, all of it, oh so lovely. I always thought if you really wanted to do something and you put your mind to it you could do it. But I am here to tell you that it is very possible that this statement is not true. I desperately want to craft. I have always wanted to craft. I can close my eyes and imagine myself crafting. But my brain won't let me. My brain wants to be in the box with the rules agonizing over what the words in the instructions mean not outside the box, wearing tye dye, creating.

I tried for years to be a craft girl. I grew up with a mom that could sew and quilt. She was always making us clothes, life size dolls, bedspreads and such. I loved the fabric. I loved organizing the pins. I loved every part of it. I even took sewing classes when I was a kid. The first and only thing I ever stole when I was six was a green zipper from a fabric store..wouldn't at least that fact alone verify that I would have a future as a craft queen? I mean do future athletes or musicians steal green zippers? :)

After I got married I quickly figured out that if you wanted to hang with the girls you had to craft. I have boxes in the basement with rubber stamps, stamp pads, stencils, books, paint, modge podge, (SP?) fabric, ribbon, batting, cross stitch floss, patterns and oh so much more from this phase of my life. I should definitely get credit for trying. Everything interested me. And I refused to admit that none of it came naturally to me. I spent years torturing myself and my friends with crafting attempts because everyone else was doing it. I adored the social part but the creating was agonizing. What if it did not come out perfect? What if part of the directions were missing? Do you know I have made Halloween costumes, curtains, quilts and clothes and I still have to check every time to remind myself what in the heck the selvage is. And to make things worse you know how when someone makes something and everyone else ooohs and ahhhs over it exclaiming loudly how amazing it is what that person made? Yeah, that never happens to me. No one ever exclaims over my craft attempts. ( This is where you tell me you love me anyway :)

To make a long story short the last time I made something was about 4 years ago when I made curtains. I gave up. I did love the feeling you get when you make something all by yourself. Did I mention that I have been thinking about that feeling lately? I organized all my fabric (that I never use) by color hoping that that would kill the feeling but it didn't.

If I could just magically be a craft girl right now at this very minute the first thing I would make is a jean quilt, then some fabric covered bulletin boards for the girls rooms, then some skirts and dresses for the little girls, then a punching bag for Joe, and a remote holder for the husband.....okay I am kidding about those last two :)


Anonymous said...

Jen, I have often made the profound statement that there are two types of women: Those that own glue guns, and those that do not. I, do NOT own a glue gun. Enough said. :)

Danielle said...

Hmm... I never thought that I could create anything either. I had all the supplies, envied those who could sew and make neat things... I compared myself to my Mom because my Mom is a very talented artist and crafty person. Years later, I find myself creating every day not for myself but to teach others. I create learning materials for teachers all over the world, and I also have been making bulletin boards and other craft projects (and photographing them) to teach others how to do it. The difference between when I was growing up very much wanting to fit in, and now? I stopped worrying about what others thought, (ok for the most part), and I just did what I liked. One of my favorite things to do is decorate. I'd love to work in one of those stores that puts displays together. :) Ok so I digrees... I just wanted to let you know that it is possible that at some point if you give yourself a break, you probably can/will create something. :)


nanci said...

I think you are very crafty - with your words! You create something wonderful every time you post on this blog!

Pam Mueller said...

Oh how funny! I have gathered all the jeans in our house and am in the process of cutting them up to make another quilt! If you make one, post a picture. YOU HAVE to document that one for all to see!

Halloween Costumes said...

To Funny! You sound like me! All thou I may be a little worse! Mine has extended to cooking! I'm the worst cook. I once tried to surprise my husband with a homemade dinner. I decided to make a wonderful meat loaf, roasted potatoes and steamed asparagus. Sounds good right? Not when I cook it! The potatoes and the asparagus turn out fine. The meat loaf not so much. It looked like a steaming orange mush pile! My husband look at it and then looked at me in fear. I took it to the trash. I threw it out. The trash can was then emitting with steam from the meat loaf. Yea I have not tired that again!