Mar 2, 2010

Find Your Decorating Style.

The last couple of years my husband has purchased a subscription to Real Simple magazine for me. I really love getting something in the mailbox. And I can' t wait to read it when it comes. This month when I saw on the front cover the words "Find your decorating style in 3 Easy steps" I could not turn to page 159 fast enough. I always wondered what I should call my decorating style. I could hardly wait to go through the easy steps and figure it out. On page 159 the page was filled with pictures of various images chairs, vases, baskets, flowers, a dog, clocks, etc. and you are supposed to look at these items and quickly circle the ones that catch your eye first, no thinking allowed, just that good ol, "going with your gut" feeling. After you circle 6-10 of them you then look at the small letter next to the ones you circled and see how many A's you circled, or how many B's you circled, and so forth. Then you turn the page and voila you magically know what your style is. I circled mostly C's which meant....drum roll please...that I used to be Jennifer but now you may refer to me as Mrs. Cozy Casual. I was so happy when I realized that Real Simple magazine truly knew me. I would have been so sad if the very accurate quiz would have told me my style was Modern Graphic.

Cozy Casual means you like a warm, traditional look. It draws on English and Early American furniture designs as well as laid back country, cottage, farmhouse styles. Which means I now have very good reason to shop in Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. While I was basking in my joy of being labeled cozy casual I suddenly realized I had a problem...what was my husbands style? Not that it matters. But all of a sudden I remembered the times in our 21 years of marriage when we have shopped for houses, furniture and paint and they have not been the funnest, most relaxing moments of my life. So when he got home from work I made him take the foolproof test in my Real Simple magazine and when the result appeared it all became clear....I mean ALL of it. He was vintage eclectic with a dash of modern graphic. GEESH

So with this information I have to tell you that on Saturday Mr. Vintage Eclectic and Mrs. Cozy Casual went to Home Depot to get some paint. And we spent at least 45 minutes in the paint sample section choosing colors that were the exact opposite of each other. All we are doing is painting the teenage girls bedroom upstairs but oh the agony. We finally settled on a color. I suggested we just purchase a sample since there are teenagers in this room. But he declined that idea and, "went for it" and bought a gallon and a quart of the color. I did not feel the happy peaceful feeling that you feel when you buy paint which was probably my first sign that things were headed downhill....yes, faster than Bode and Lindsay. When one of the teenagers ( her name has not yet been released since all her family has not been yet contacted :) saw the chosen color she lost it. COMPLETELY. Sobbing about how it would not match anything in that room. Crying. Sobbing. Drama. She wanted white. It was painful to watch. And lasted a long time.

So here it is Tuesday. Three days after the Saturday paint drama and I had finally decided to donate the gallon and quart of color to some unsuspecting family, paint the room white, and be done with it and then the, aforementioned, sobbing teenager finds out about my new plan and announces...sheepishly..... that she now likes the color we chose on Saturday and definitely does not want white.

The thing is I have never let my kids have any control over how their bedrooms look up until now....March of 2010. There have been too many of them. They have all shared rooms. ( yes, the rumor is true, at one point I had 4 girls in one room) It was just too complicated to try to please all the residents of one room so I always kept the control and power with me. As children have been leaving the house and leaving empty rooms I realized that my former, "decorating the bedroom" control could be relinquished. I even thought it would be fun......but I was wrong. It isn't.

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Rebecca S. said...

My husband and I have different decorating styles as well, but one thing we can agree on is price...we both want what we can't afford.