Mar 11, 2010

It's A Miracle..... Some Pictures.

(I guess you have noticed that I rarely post pictures. With the adorable dial up computer situation I have it really is just a huge hassle. Not only that I can never figure out how to move the pictures where I want them and where to put my words. I am painfully aware it is not very attractive but every once in awhile I will get an urge to just post pictures. So here are a few.)

Is there anything better than sledding? We did not get that much snow this winter but after one of the small snow storms we were ready and ran up to our friends house and got in our fill of sledding on their driveway. Tatiana prefers the sitting up sled but I prefer the sleds where you can go down on your stomach.
This is Joe and cousin Jeremiah at Thanksgiving time in Michigan. They were getting ready to go shoot guns with Uncle David.
This is Joe and his friends at his 14th birthday party. What more can I say?
Every time I take my walk I wish you were there so you could see the amazing views I get to see. This mountain is one of my favorites so I took a picture so you could see it. Now just close your eyes and imagine the crisp cold air on your face, imagine all the different shades of brown, hear me asking you nine million questions, imagine me in my favorite white stocking hat with BYU written on it and you are as good as there :)
Here is Tatiana at the river. We actually live exactly across the street from a river but there is no easy way to get down to that river so there is another river about a 20 minute walk from our house and I walk there everyday but on Sunday Brian, the kids and I walked down there and experienced the joy one can only feel from throwing rocks in the water.

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Kristy said...

I love pictures! I love your morning walk! I will send you some pictures from my morning walk, too, so we can feel like we are walking together. Yes, I'm dorky that way.