Mar 31, 2010

Rambling About Jane.

Jane Austen never ceases to make me think about oh so many things. I wish I could remember when I read my first Jane Austen book. I think it was in college. I know it was before I was married because the name inscribed in the front of my copy of Pride and Prejudice is Jennifer Ord. Thus proving that I knew all about marrying for money before I got married and still made the choice I did :)

I will never forget my first book discussion about a Jane Austen book it was in Lawrence, Kansas, in the 1990's, sitting in the Relief Society room in our church building. We sat in a circle. Julie Savage led the discussion. We discussed Emma, I spent the whole discussion defending Emma, and had my little world rocked by women who utterly disapproved of Emma and expected a whole lot more of her. I know Emma is frustrating in the beginning of the book but who is not frustrating in the beginning? It takes time, and experience to become a non frustrating person that always lives up to expectations.....(P.S. I have not yet arrived at this point. If you read a book written about me I can guarantee your discussion after finishing the book would definitely include your anger and frustration with me but I would hope someone would defend me :) Nevertheless by the end of the book Emma has learned heaps about herself and you must be happy for that.

Anyhow, my blog today is not strictly about the book Emma but about all sorts of random things I think about when I read a Jane Austen book, watch a Jane Austen movie and escape into the Jane Austen world.

A world where when you want to go for a walk you ask someone if they would, "Do you the honor of taking the air with you." A world where people who are mean are declared to be contemptible. A world where if someone asks how you are you answer, "I am well, thank you." A world where people like me who lack confidence in their own ability, worth, or fitness are described as diffident.

Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice...the titles alone could give one plenty to talk about. What is sense? What is sensibility?

I want to tell you how I long for the simpleness of life back then. But I fear you would jolt me back to reality by reminding me that life was not simple then, and that it would only be a simple life for me if I was rich, and that I need to stop thinking the grass is greener in another century :)

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