Mar 10, 2010

Today It's Funny But Yesterday It Was Not So Funny.

We finally painted the teenagers bedroom. I know you have enjoyed our dysfunctional paint drama but it is finally over and the important thing is that we learned some stuff. But I will save the learning part for later first I have to tell you my tale.

On Monday of this week the husband took half of a day off of work to come home and paint. We needed to get it done because the room has been taped and torn apart for two weeks while Miriam was in Hawaii and she was coming home on Tuesday and probably would appreciate her bed not being piled high with her possessions. The hubby came home from work early to paint. I ran to Home Depot and had them add some things to our original, deeply hated, gallon of paint color to create a new, very loved paint color.... Russian Blue. By Monday at 5 in the evening the room was done.

The next day was Tuesday and I had a lot of things on my calendar on Tuesday so as soon as I got home from driving kids to Seminary I ran upstairs to start moving furniture back, taking off tape, and all that fun stuff. As I started screwing socket covers back on I noticed that there was some spots of white showing through the blue. I started looking all over the room and realized the room needed more paint and some detail work that only OCD wives would know about. I knew I needed to hurry because it would need time to dry before I could move the furniture back and Miriam was going to be home at 9 that night. So while I was giving instructions to the little girls about getting ready for school I ran to the garage and grabbed the paint and brushes and headed upstairs. And I freely admit that I was in actuality.... multi tasking. I was painting and leaving to go brush hair, painting, finding homework, painting, making lunches. I did not really stop to think but I did have this odd feeling that something was not right. But I kept thinking that when the paint would dry it would be okay. And then all of a sudden it hit me I had just "touch up" painted over the Russian Blue with the Spanish Bluebells...the color blue that it is in the bathroom. Let me rephrase that so you get the full impact. In my haste I had rushed to the garage and grabbed the blue paint that I had used for my upstairs bathroom. I had "touch up" painted ALL OVER their enormous bedroom, on every wall, large amounts of the wrong blue. How did I do this? I really don't know. But trust me it was not good. I knew my hubby would never let me live it down so I had to act fast. So I canceled everything on the calendar and spent two hours fixing my problem.

All is well that ends well. The room is done, I love it, and as of this morning the girls love it also. Then I found the biggest sharpie I could find and in a paranoid manner wrote bedroom all over the can of Russian Blue paint and then wrote bathroom all over the can of Spanish Bluebells paint. But trust me the paint incident will never be repeated. That is the joy of making mistakes like that they shape your life, add to your dysfunctional personality and make you randomly tell people in the store all about how they should make sure it never happens to them.


Kristy said...

Oh, my. That is a funny story! A lot of work, but funny. :)

Melissa said...

Glad I'm not the only one with bad paint stories! Glad you are back blogging by the way!

C Tam said...


I did that sort of thing once with brown in my mother's dining room. I asked her if it was too bad looking to just leave it smudged in different hues of brown, and did we really need to fix it and she said, "Yes."

DeAnn said...

LOVE the color! I am going to have to start making a list of colors you have used that I like!