Apr 25, 2010

Taking My Time.

Where did eleven days go? How could it be that I have not blogged since April 14th? Don't you miss knowing what I am thinking about? I really miss telling you. Believe me, I want you to be my priority but sadly you are not. So now that I have confessed to you where you rank let me get on to telling you what has been occupying my life when I wish I could have been blogging.

Madeline is home from college. She was home from BYU exactly 2 days when she acquired a very wicked eye infection. She is the second Baird child to acquire this cursed eye infection. This eye infection is related to wearing contacts. Before you judge me on my, "educating my children on wearing contacts skills" I must tell you I do not wear contacts or glasses. The thought of sticking a contact in my eye makes me visibly squirm. I have no idea what the rules for wearing contacts are so on the matter of wearing contacts I have pretty much nothing to say to my children who do wear them. But now that two Baird children have had horrible eye infections due to misuse of their contacts I think I am finally qualified to say a few things about wearing them:

#1. Take them out every night....yes, before going to bed.
#2. Change them every couple of weeks.

Surely these two steps can not be as inconvienent as these infections have been. Madeline sat in the dark, in the basement, for two days with a washcloth filled with ice on her eyes. She was so miserable that she did not even text for two days.....yep, it was that bad. I had to lead her like a blind person to the eye doctor....did you know you have to tell people that can not see about the curb when you are leading them? :) So $158.00 later Madeline can open her left eye but not her right one and we are heading back to the eye doctor tomorrow. So putting drops in her eyes every hour, getting her food, feeding her and waking up every 3 hours in the night to get her new ice has taken some time away from blogging.

Eye infection aside I am actually glad she is home. Something happened out in Utah at college...I think aliens abducted her.... she has come home the most pleasant person I have ever met. She is a peacemaker. She does not have her music in her ears 24/7 like she used to. She follows me around and wants to talk? She cleans without being asked. She tells the other kids to, "be nice to her little mama" when they are sassing me.

The other time "take away-er" is my job. Yeah, I know. I did not tell you. It is a small job, but it is perfect for me. It is next door so the commute is heavenly. A couple weeks ago the neighbors were looking for someone to weed, mow and keep up their yard. I do not know what came over me but I offered to do it once they got over the idea of a 41 year old doing their yard work they were so into the idea. They pay me $60.00 a week to spend four hours in their yard. You know how I love yard work. I mean who does not like a job where you can see your work? My kids can walk to my work and tattle about who is hitting who and I can walk home to change my sprinklers and then walk back to work. The neighbors love me and think I am the hardest worker in the land. And I have $60.00 of my very own money every week. It never gets spent on something I want but it is in my hand for a short moment. Four hours adds up and so that is another reason I have not been able to blog.

And now that I have to keep up with the neighbors yard I am in my yard a ton more :) It is April 25th and all of my 8 cubic yards of glorious pine mulch is spread. The peas, potatoes, garlic, onions, spinach and lettuce are all up and growing. My strawberry patch is bigger. Everything is weeded. My raspberry row is longer. Almost all the cover crop I planted in the Fall is out of my garden. Sadly, it has taken all sort of precious blogging time to get to this point.

Disappointment has been taking up my blogging time. On Wednesday we loaded our 15 passenger van with 16 people and headed to New York City for the day. I live for our New York City trips. And this trip we had planned to spend the day in the Museum of Natural History which is located on Central Park West. We got to Greenwich, Connecticut and the radiator in our van decided it did not want to go to New York City. So we had to turn around and stop to fill the radiator with water all the way back home.

So now you are caught up on the last 11 days of my exciting life :) Hopefully, now that spring break is over I can blog more.


Kristy said...

Poor Mad! That eye infection business is quite scary. Be sure she covers her contacts with fresh solution every night, and rinses her case every morning.

Can't wait to see photos of your yard ... hint, hint! :)

Rebecca said...

What a great job! I'd be happy about that too. And I'd love to see photos of all your plants. It is still too cold here and I don't have anything up:(