May 9, 2010

Prom Dress, Polo Shirts, and Opinions.

Last week I shopped. Miriam decided to go to a Mormon Prom and oh so many hours of my week last week were devoted to helping her find a dress, shoes, jewelry, and last but not least hair clips. The dressing rooms started to blur together. If you are the richest, skinniest person in the world Prom is surely a breeze but for all the rest of us in the world it is surely not. You have a vision in your head of what you will look like and you search and search until you realize that you must modify your vision. Just like when you buy a house.....or find a husband? :) It was tough. I confess that I did not complete the task and that in the end I ended up sending her to the mall with my dear friend Gail to procure the shoes and accessories. I failed Prom shopping 101. If you enjoy hearing about my failures then let me share some more. I strongly dislike Prom. I did everything in my power to talk my 17 year old out of it. I suggested taking the money and going to a show in New York City. I suggested a concert. Anything that did not involve so much money. I know Prom is a rite of passage. I know it is the pinnacle of high school. Yes, I went to my Senior Ball. I had an amazing time. I really liked the guy I went with. I had a horrid dress and thankfully did not even realize it until about 4 years ago :) But I have a hard time saying it made my life better. I do not understand why I am this way about Prom. If you understand what my problem is please feel free to call my "Solve Jennifer Baird's issues with perfectly harmless events hot line." I am afraid to say much more. Then you would know oh so much about me. And honestly, this post really was about shopping not my opinions on Prom.

I did not realize how hard the shopping for a prom dress was until Saturday at 11:45am when I walked into Kohls with Joe. Joe has not been clothes shopping in forever and he just recently mentioned that he did not have anything to wear. So we walked to the boys department in Kohl's he chose three polos in three different colors, then we walked to the shorts display and he chose three pairs of shorts. Then we strolled by the socks and underwear and chose two packages. It took ten minutes. His 3 sisters, who were just getting settled into the juniors department for a long winter shop, were completely bewildered by the short trip to Kohls. I know none of our purchases had to do with an event that involves one evening that can apparently change your life so I would be hard pressed to compare but I must say the difference was amazing. Just so you do not think he was perfect he did want a particular hoodie that he did not see it at Kohl's so we drove to the mall. Where we tried Old Navy and then American Eagle. On the clearance rack in American Eagle he found the hoodie of his dreams he paid for half of it and voila, we were done.

Why do I not understand an evening that is all about what you wear, how you look, and what you arrive in? Why am I the Grinch of Prom? I love to dress up. I would wear a ball gown with matching accessories everyday if I could....yes, I am telling the truth. Seventeen year old Jennifer would slap 41 year old Jennifer in an instant for having perspective and not thinking only about the moment. I must remember that. Maybe I am longing for teenagers to see past the moment and themselves and that is not possible. Life is not that way....right? :) I should let them enjoy the moment and the one very expensive event because someday they will grow up and get married and have kids and lose that body that looks great in a prom dress :)


Sarah Jones said...

Hey when do we get to see a picture of Miriam in her dress!!??

Annette said...

I get it! Just so you know. YOu are not alone in your Prom issues. Does it scare you we agree on this? I want to see the pictures of Miriam, too.

My Many Coloured Days said...

I have mixed feelings about this too. (Well you're not mixed up, clearly!)

Glad I only have ONE girl.

Rebecca said...

Yees! Photos please!

Wendi said...

*sigh* You are not alone in this. Thank goodness it is Mormon prom and not "real" prom that we're dealing with. 'Tis a bit easier that way. But we have yet to find shoes and accessories, and prom is tomorrow. I don't remember feeling this way about my prom. Did my mother go through this? If so, she is a good actress. :) I'll swap photos with you!