Jun 23, 2010

Steven James Ord

I can't believe that I forgot to call my dad on Father's Day. I remembered and then I forgot...multiple times. I used to be the favorite child in the family but I think I am going to have to relinquish the spot :) The only thing I can do to make it up to him is embarrass him and tell you all about him. Honestly, everyone in the world should have had a dad like mine. (I am not just saying that so I can get back the favorite child spot...or am I?)

My first memory of my dad is watching him do jumping jacks and situps in the morning before he went to work when we lived in Sedro Woolley, Washington. Soon after that first memory comes the memory of him playing the piano and singing silly songs while my siblings and I danced around the living room. He used to play "Johnny Get Your Haircut"....haircut...haircut. And "Let's Go Hunting Said Risky Rob" and so many more.

My dad has ruined everything because he really is perfect so I expect everyone else to be. He always dealt with everything with us kids with a sense of humor I remember the first time I ever saw him lose his temper and I was already married and had one kid and we were visiting my parents in American Samoa. Even then it was a pretty minor loss of temper. I have never heard him swear and he always seems to be in control of himself....something I greatly admire.

My dad always wants you to feel his muscles in his arms and then he wants you to punch his stomach to feel his muscle there too. He has very flat feet so I will never forget how his walk looks and I was so happy when I realized that my oldest son Zach walks just like him.

My dad was born and raised in California. He is the only one of his siblings to move away from California. He went to BYU Provo, served a mission for our church in England and then went to the University of Washington to get his MBA. I remember when he got his CPA when I was a kid and we were living in California. He always knows everything about numbers, taxes and mortgage rates I am pretty sure all of us kids always call him for financial advice. I did not recieve his gift for numbers. He spent many a long, frustrating hours working on Math with me.

Because of my dad I often chant the phrase "Hubba Hubba woo woo woo chacha lacha ching ching choo choo choo." And when I do chant it to my kids I remember my dad doing this little dance with his arms stretched out from his sides and his feet shuffling back and forth while he would say it. I also remember him telling us this story when we would beg for a story...."It was a dark and stormy night and a band of men were sitting around the campfire and the captain said boys lets tell a story and this is the way the story goes...It was a dark and stormy night"......You get the idea??

My dad is always working in the yard with my mom. Actually my dad and mom are always together. They grocery shop together, they go on windjammer cruises together, they go to England together, they are on a mission for our church in Hawaii right now....together.

When trampolines first became popular we were one of the first ones to have one. One time we were all jumping on it and ( much to moms chagrin) he casually tossed a lit M-80 firecracker off the deck next to the trampoline where we did not see it and when it went off you should have seen all of us kids jump :) He laughed and laughed. I got my love of really loud fireworks from him. He would go to the Indian reservation when we were kids and ask for the big, illegal, not allowed for home use fireworks that were used by the loggers. The ones that were hidden behind the counters.

My dad is a reader and he can concentrate and read anywhere. All of us kids would be running around where he was reading being loud kids and he would be sitting there reading like nothing was going on.

He loves to play jokes and was always teasing us kids. He would get on the roof and drop stuff and we would not know where it came from. He loved to mess with our minds :) He would write me extremely embarrassing notes when I was late or absent from school. The ladies in the office would laugh and laugh when they got his notes. One of them said "Please excuse Jennifer for being late she had rigor morits of the cranium" And another one he signed but under his signature he wrote "signed under duress"

I really am amazed as I sit here and write it all out how much I could go on and on about my dad. He was always the last one to the car on Sunday after church because he is so social and friendly. Yes, I inherited the social part of me from him :)

I really can not think of any faults he has...well other than not writing me more checks :) He has always set an amazing example to me of how to deal with people in a kind way. He as always made our religion his first priority and set a great example of how to live it.

So dad I am eternally sorry I forgot to call you on Sunday. But since I call you every other day of the year I am sure it is okay that I missed one day....(just have to make my siblings nervous :) HAHA

I love you dearly...oh, and mom I love you too :)

Jun 22, 2010

To Advance With Violent Effort.

Hey, when was the last time you struggled? Do you know what it means to struggle? I confess I never did until recently. If you are struggling you are contending with an adversary or an opposing force. Or if you prefer, another definition is that, "you are contending resolutely with a task or problem" but I think my favorite is, "to advance with violent effort."

Jillian Michaels, who I exercise with every other day, and hate deeply because she makes me struggle, says that you need to put stress on something to make it change. She is talking about making my body change shape but I easily realized that what she is saying also applies to my life too. As much as I long for it the truth is, if I live a perfect, easy life I will stay the same and never grow.

All that said I have lived a pretty cushy, struggle free life. I kept wondering for many years when my trials would come, anticipating them and wondering if I was ready for what they would bring. I kept wondering who would be there to help me through them? Would anyone know I was struggling and reach out to me? And, it may seem strange but I was looking forward to the time that I could use my struggles to relate with someone else and help them through the same things.

In the Bible Job had a struggle ( to put it nicely) and the part that always bothered me was not the boils he got, the property that was destroyed, the children destroyed, the health he lost, it was the losing of his friends. Can you imagine having no one to support you or listen to you through your struggle? Can you imagine no one who understood that you were a work in progress and that your struggle was going to make you better?

Have you ever struggled to open a fruit snack wrapper? I hate it when I discover that for some annoying reason someone in some factory somewhere did not put the little cut in the top of my fruit snack package so that I can easily tear it open. I hate that I can't do it with my teeth, you can't do it with your teeth, and our hands don't work, the car keys don't work and there is strangely no scissors in the car? I feel like that has been my life the past two years and six months. I knew I was going to learn something amazing from my struggles I could feel it...just like I can taste the awesome chewy fruit snacks even though the package is not open. And I was right, the ability to feel peace, the ability to not care anymore, the ability to learn has been very tasty :)

Oh we can not dismiss the fact that it has been most painful, it has cost me a dear friendship, and it has used up way too many tears. But I am now qualified to be there for you when you have the same struggles, I will be watching to see if you need me and I will know exactly what you need, I will listen forever, I will be patient, I will reassure you your a good person even though sometimes you may appear crazy, I will give you as many chances as you need, and I will never give up on you. All I ask in return is some Reeses :)