Jul 2, 2010

Preconceived Notions.

I have high expectations.....sigh...there I said it. What happens now? Do you know what expectations are? Yeah, I am not sure myself. Let's see if in the course of writing about it I can figure it all out. Did you know that if you are human you have expectations? There is no way out of it, you can't ever avoid that old pal expectations. And just to make it extra fun the studies say that we are only aware of a small number of our expectations the majority of those rascally expectations stay hidden. You have expectations of:

your kids,
your friends,
your spouse,
your job,
the weather,
your hydrangea,
your cat,
your food you order at a restaurant.

Just to name a few......honestly the list of things you have expectations of is endless....that means eternal which means it goes on and on and on :)

I have been asking the question lately, of everyone I can, "Where on earth do our gosh darn expectations come from?" I mean it...I really need to know. So finally, tonight, when I gave in and asked all knowing google,"Where do expectations come from?" the answer that appeared made everything clear.....it said "expectations generally come from our past experiences." Yipppeee, I can yet again, blame my perfect parents for my current woes...parents really dig that :) I really did have the best childhood ever. After I blame my parents for my high expectations I should probably blame the entire 1986 graduating class from Snohomish High school...they were so accepting and nice to me....voted for me to be a Senior class officer, nominated me the most friendliest for the yearbook....got me through high school with a great self esteem so you can see that at the very young age of 17 I already had high expectations of life.

How do you get rid of high expectations? Did you know that there are people who try with all their might to go through life claiming to expect nothing? I have been known to fall in this category.....especially around my birthday time when I declare to everyone that I have no expectations for my birthday. I did not know if you knew that if you have no expectations then you avoid disappointment.....but living life without preconceived notions and expectations would be extremely difficult so it would be a minor miracle if you truly and honestly had no expectations....yes, I may be calling you a liar....but what did you expect :) So since you can't get rid of the velcro like expectations what can you do? GASP......you can go with the flow! Crazy? I know.....who does that? Who makes the best of whatever happens?


Sarah Jones said...

I had high expectations that my sister was going to e-mail her daughter's measurements so I could make her baptism dress. *Sigh* I guess disappointment is inevitable when you set your expectations so high. jk :)

Melissa said...

You have hydrangea?? I'm also working on my expectations- like my kids having good table manners when we are at my very formal grandmother's house. I don't think that is aiming too high....sigh.

My Many Coloured Days said...

I think we may have been separated at birth.