Jul 19, 2010


Summer...yea. It is not the way I remember it. If someone told me ten years ago when my oldest kiddo was 10 that in 2010 my summer would not involve reading Little House on the Prairie books out loud, going swimming in the afternoon, doing the library reading program, taking 3 week long road trips, and making job charts for the kiddos I would have thought they sure have a lot of nerve. But as it always is with the future....it happened. Summer is busier than when school is in. No one is in any classes or camps but it is still busy. Girls camp was one week and EFY is one week. That is all the Baird children are doing this summer and I still had to schedule a day for Six Flags, a day for the beach, a day for NYC, a day for the LEGO exhibit in Springfield, and a day to go to the Ben and Jerry's ice cream plant in Vermont. And notice I did not even get an "s" on the end of my use of the word day? I only have one day at each place. I was hoping for DAYS.

But despite my complaining....or is it whining? And my adorable high expectations of myself I have accomplished a lot of things so let me tell you all about them so that maybe in doing so I can feel better.

The little girls bedroom is painted a lovely shade of lilac tan. Lilac tan? Yeah, I do not know who named that one.....maybe they thought lilac written all by itself on the little paint swatch looked boring and while they were thinking about how they needed to get a tan they accidentally wrote tan next to lilac? All I know is everyone in the house likes the color and it is done.

A long time ago when we lived in Kansas my friend Alane gave me a table and 8 chairs. When we were getting ready to move from Indiana to Massachusetts I got a notion to spray paint them. Of course the notion came when I was also packing up my house but trust me when those notions come, you acknowledge them, and act. Especially when you are me...which you aren't are you? :) Anyway, I spray painted the chairs red. My dear friend Joan sanded the top of my table and we stained it. And I painted the legs of the table red. It turned out beautiful. But since I was in the middle of packing... it is possible that some parts under the chairs never got spray painted red and you did not know that when you sat in my chairs but I did and it has been driving me crazy. So about two weeks ago I set the chairs in the backyard and spray painted them again. And now if you come over and feel the urge to check under my chairs you will see they are indeed ALL red :)

Once a week we have been going to the free movies at the movie theater. I have never done this before. But it has turned out to be a really fun thing for Tatiana, Natalie, and Amanda and I to do. Some of these movies I have always wondered about but never had enough time to sit down and actually watch them.....you know how that happens, right? So far Planet 51 has been my favorite. And this week is Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.

We have picked raspberries, strawberries and blueberries and all experiences were absolutely perfect in every way. Not too hot. Lots of berries. We actually just picked blueberries last Sunday evening. We took the whole family and some friends came along too. We drove up Skyline Trail to a secluded, abandoned blueberry patch. It was 7:00 in the evening and the temperature was perfect. Everyone had a container and went their merry way....except Joe who spent his time trying to scare us all with the thought of bears. It really was a perfect evening.

Seminary occupies a pretty big part of each day. I have been reading a ton of stuff trying to figure out how I want to do everything this year. Besides educating myself on church history. I have read seminary blogs, I have asked all my old seminary teacher friends. Basically anyone who will talk to me I have asked about their ideas :) I really, really, really love to gather information before I make decisions. Last Sunday was my opening Seminary meeting and as I looked at the room full of 16 Seminary kids and saw them laughing, chatting, and smiling at each other I felt so happy. I am really looking forward to this year.

The yard has occupied a lot of my time this summer. For the first time since we have lived here my garden has really taken off and done what it should. Last year I fought slugs, bugs and blight. This year I have bunnies and birds but we seem to have, strangely, learned how to co-exist.....although Joe's airsoft gun is always in the back of my mind :) All of my plants are huge and healthy and I have SO many green tomatoes I am going to be very busy in a few weeks canning like crazy.

So I know my list was supposed to make me feel better but I confess all I can think about is that I still need to:

Paint my front door
Paint the bathroom
Prune the raspberries
Move the three boxwoods to the back yard
Plant the three grasses in the boxwoods old spot.
Move the linum
Get Joe and Amanda ready for EFY
organize the storage room

Yeah, you know the list could go on and on don't you?


Kristy said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer!

Wait ... at the top of your list should be: 1) Book my ticket to Utah to spend time with Kristy Merrill and my many other Utah friends who miss me like CRAZY.

C Tam said...

I really liked Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Your seminary class is the luckiest class on earth to have you, and they probably won't realize it until a decade or so later. My seminary teacher the year we were supposed to learn church history just had us play volleyball every day in the church gymnasium only I just sat there doing homework because balls are not my thing.