Aug 1, 2010

Breaking Things.

Have you ever broken a bone? I have. I broke my nose twice. I don't really think breaking your nose counts towards anything though because it does not involve a cast, an x-ray, or least mine didn't. When it comes to broken bones the only child I have that that ever came close was Zach who fractured his distal clavicle twice, ended up with surgery, and a metal plate. But none of his experience involved a cast or crutches did involve lots of x-rays though :) What I am trying to say is that considering that we own a trampoline, have owned it for 16 years, have no rules for the trampoline, no safety net for the trampoline, and considering that we have seven kids, our visits to the ER and our total number of casts has been very, very low....well actually non existent. So this weeks events were bound to

It happened Friday morning. Natalie has had a hard time finding friends who can have play dates this summer and Friday morning all the "Play Date God's" smiled on us and her little friend Spencer was able to come over for a few hours. They played and played and played. I never heard a peep from them until Natalie came crying at the sliding glass door with her arm hanging limply from her side. You know how sometimes you wonder about the nature of an injury? Sometimes you think ER or not? I knew immediately what I should do:

We drove Spencer home.
With tons of tears involved got Natalie out of her swimsuit and into some ER worthy clothes.
Grabbed fruit snacks.
Called someone to come and pick up Tatiana and her two friends.

Then we drove into town to our little hometown Emergency room. It was not very crowded. But I knew the minute I got there and had four different people direct me as to where I should go first that the efficency of this trip was not looking good. I am going to be so bold as to say that I could run a very efficent emergency room if given the chance. At least I know enough to know that you should probably do all your paperwork at one spot.

Natalie is a very anxious child as all the Baird children...except Madeline have been. Baird kids do not like the unknown. And a broken arm was definitely unknown to Natalie. If you need numbers I would say the unknown caused her to have tears flowing down her little cheeks about 75% of the day on Friday. She could hardly walk because of the pain her arm caused her so she had to sit in a wheel chair....that made her cry. She cried so much in the x-ray room that she made the technicians cry....they felt horrible for the pain they had to cause her to get the skeleton pictures. She cried when they put her in a hospital gown.(Any outfit with the back wide open for the world to see is bound to make you cry.) She cried when they wrapped her in two hospital gowns to go home in. She cried when anyone just looked at her arm with their eyes...let alone their hands :)

I have that "mom feeling" about the whole experience. You know the feeling....the one where the mom thinks something is not quite right? Yeah, I never let that feeling go. So next week I will be on the phone, a ton, calling orthopedics guys, and calling the x-ray guys, and the pediatrician guys, and if I am bored I can always put a call into the Obama guy just to chat about healthcare since I will most likely be in the mood.

I know you are fighting the urge to comment on the fact that the trampoline was involved in the accident but in the trampolines defense I want to tell you that Natalie was not jumping she was accidentally pushed off the trampoline by Spencer. It was, "part of the game" :)

We are going to have to decide what to do about her upcoming baptism on the 20th. Last time I checked a cast from your armpit down to your fingertips, baptism outfits, fonts full of water, and the word immersion don't all go together very well.

She is sad, sad, sad about the fact that she has not been to Six Flags yet and now her chances are not looking so good. She is sad about the fact that she can not hold books in bed while laying down. She is sad that I have to help her in the bathroom. She is sad about not swimming for awhile. But life is full of disappointment. And we have already had the chat about what would have been worse than breaking an know it is all about perspective:)


Melissa said...

I feel your pain! Janae broke her arm last May and we endured a summer of no swimming, help getting dressed and bathing (at 12 this was painful), not being able to do things at girls camp, NO sports...etc. She was in a cast for 12 weeks (it was a yucky break) but we survived- it helped that half way through the summer she got a smaller cast that was water proof. Our insurance wouldn't pay for the waterproof cast but it was only $15 and totally worth it!

Nieca and Roger said...

We sure missed Natalie in primary today. . .if I bring markers next week can we sign the cast? I broke, and or sprained my arms three times as a kid, had to go through the itchy cast routine. . .on the birght side now she'll have a pretty great story to share as a teenager and adult whenever somebody brings up the scar story/injury discussion.

Kristy said...

Poor girl. Nate, as you know, also broke his arm on a trampoline (I have a trampoline rule and I broke that rule. Bad idea). I will send you a link to it on my blog so Natalie can see how very pitiful it was.

I will be interested to hear what the bone doctors have to say. Tried to call you today and will try again tomorrow to check in. Tell Natalie "Sister Merrill" called to say hi to her broken arm.

Sarah Jones said...

I feel so bad for Natalie! How long is she going to have the cast on? What a bummer. :(