Sep 1, 2010

Multi Taskers Dream Come True.

There is nothing that makes me happier than to accomplish two things at once......the dictionary calls it multi tasking and I do adore it.

Nothing makes me feel more fabulous than being on my way upstairs or downstairs and have an armful of things to carry that belong where I am already heading.....(just for the record the children do not get the same happiness from this activity.) I only watch TV if I have something to do while I am folding socks or cutting 500 scripture mastery seminary puzzles out....ugh, what was I thinking?

My latest multi tasking venture has me quite pleased with myself. I have figured out how to exercise, read the scriptures, and make money at the same time. It all started when school started on Monday and we realized that Joe's soccer schedule prevented him from getting his paper route done before 5:00 pm everyday. I had no problem volunteering to do that route. I have been eyeing his paper route for a long time, he gets the best tips ever.

So everyday at 11:20 I drive to the paper place in town and pick up the papers. On the way home I fold the papers....shhh it is very safe to drive and fold papers at the same time :) When I get home I get my exercise clothes on and grab the very fashionable Westfield Evening News newspaper bag.....I wonder if I could get Vera Bradley to start a line of newspaper bags? Truthfully, the newspaper bag is the hardest part of this multi tasking venture. But I just say to myself over and over again while I am walking on the 2 busy roads I have to walk on, past tons of cars, with people in them, laughing at the grown up with the newspaper bag, that it does not matter what other people think. It seems to be working.

Anyhow, I load that adorable, "pride killing", bag with 38 papers, the garage door opener, my cell phone, and a water bottle and start walking. The bag bangs against the top of my leg since I am so...ahem, short. The Massachusetts sun, the last few days, has been merciless between 12 and 1 when I am delivering. I have several pretty big hills that give me great satisfaction. The route cover 3 and 1/2 miles....depending on if I cut through yards or not :) I keep track of my time so that I have a record to break from the previous day. Today I am adding my scriptures on CD to the venture so that I can be studying for seminary at the same time. I am loving this discovery of mine. As I walk along the Berkshire mountains are on my right soaring up into the sky. The trees that cover them are starting to think about changing color. The little old people are waiting by their mailboxes to chat and get their papers. All the landscaping that I could only see as I drove by quickly in my car I can now really look at. The neighborhoods are so quiet that I am getting lots of quality alone time with my brain.

You may think that for $40.00 a week it is so not worth it but trust me it really is :)

Joe's soccer ends in November and he has already warned me he wants his route back. I think he may have to arm wrestle me for it. I wonder if I could arm wrestle and read at the same time? :)

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Kristy said...

Good for you! I liked working for the Census for similar reasons. Getting paid to exercise and have time alone is not a bad deal!