Sep 28, 2010


Hey, blog is that you? Oh my, it has been way too long.....did you lose some weight? :) We need to talk more. Can you believe it has almost been a month? I want you to know I think of you often. I honestly have a ton of blogs composed in my head to put in that blogging rectangle. Please do not take it personally. It is time's is always time's fault. But before I go off on a tangent about time let me quickly catch you up on what has been keeping me away from blogging every single day about every torrid detail of my life :)


Yeah, I need to find some balance huh? I had this great vision of me spending two hours a day on my seminary lesson, one hour on house cleaning, one hour on my music, one hour on gardening and an hour on exercising. Yeah, do the math. That is 6 hours. The children have vacated the house by 8:30 am so add 6 hours onto 8:30 am and that takes us to 2:30 pm which is actually perfect because they start moving back into the house by 3:30. But it is not working out like it did on paper. Reality is 4 hours on Seminary, 1/2 an hour on housework, another hour on Seminary, 15 minutes on Facebook, 15 minutes on e-mail, another hour on Seminary, one hour on paper routes, 10 minutes on making pancakes for dinner, 25 minutes on reading with Natalie and doing her math flashcards, two more hours on Seminary then bedtime. Spending too much time on my Seminary lessons? WHO ME? I really hate to be teaching something I do not know about so I have to make sure I am informed about my topic for the day and then I have this little personality that does adore teaching lessons that flow...yeah, I know reality does not flow perfectly but that juicy bit of information never stopped me from trying.

I did squeeze in a trip to visit a dear friend who lives in Virginia. She and I visited Mount know, George Washington's home, the one with the amazing view of the Potomac, the one with acres of amazing gardens and grounds, yes, the one with the brightly painted rooms. I love Mount Vernon. I love history. I can not tell you how many times I checked out the story of the Jamestown Flood from the library when I was 11. Oops, I am getting off topic:) Laurie and I had not seen each other in about 16 years. I am searching for the words to describe how comforting it is to see someone you have not seen in a long time. Someone who knew you at a different stage of your life that you are at now. Someone who can reassure you you are a good person and still the same. We talked, and talked, and talked, like 16 years apart had not even happened. I am extremely grateful to her for entertaining me for 33 hours :) And you probably should be warned I may just call you out of the blue one day and tell you I have a plane ticket to come visit you :)

I also squeezed in painting my front door. You see, my house is gray, my shutters are a dark blue and my front door has been a deep purple....that deep purple has been deeply bothering me. It is funny now that it is red no one remembers what color it was before. I do not mind the shade of red it ended up being but I am not supremely happy so I am going to repaint it. There are so many shades of colors out there and you have to consider so many variables and I feel like the color could be better. So I will have to squeeze painting the front door into my schedule again.

I am trying to squeeze in yard work. I have this one spot in my yard that I need to tame. I have dreaded facing it. It has blackberry bushes, weeds, rocks, yellow jacket nests, guck the builders of the house were way to tired to cart off the land, really there are surprises galore in this spot :) But I find if every other day I spend sometime facing this spot and dragging stuff out of it that it is strangely therapeutic and ever so slowly it is taking shape.

I have a pile of books I am longing to read. I have a pile of fabric calling my name. I have a bathroom to paint. I have a blog I miss terribly but this is the time of my life that I have to focus on other things. But I am not completely gone and I will hopefully be able to blog once a week now that I am figuring out how much time everything in my life really needs.

I feel like I am cramming things in, jumping on the suitcase, struggling with the zipper, searching for empty space, whatever visual you need to see how I am working to fit everything into Jennifer's 24 hours....but I have confidence it will all come out fine I just need a few more weeks :)


Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

I love your Jenn Baird!! Your are too funny. I haven't seen the door yet so you can't change it :) until I see it.

Sarah Jones said...

I've missed reading your blog - I think I've checked it a few times each week - hoping you would post something witty! Can't wait to see you in Oct!

Annette said...

Jenn, you are not alone in your dilemma. So glad to know it is not just me. Seminary seemed to swallow my life whole- really I only reading I did outside of it was at Christmas break. But I loved it so much! Miss you writing more often, but enjoy! P.S. Want to visit New Mexico?

Pam Mueller said...

Seminary is all consuming, more than kids! I have found that spending one entire day devoted to working on lessons for the following week works for me. Then each morning, I review the lesson quickly. With working, I don't have time each day to work on it.
Visit my blog sometime:

If you are ahead of me, I would love ideas that worked for you, maybe I can tweak them to work for my class.