Jun 17, 2011

Book Club Last Night.

Last night was book club. The first time I had ever heard about book clubs was when I was a very young mom in Princeton, New Jersey. I was invited to attend the book club several times and frankly, I am not really sure why I did not go....that is so not like me. But the fact is, I didn't.

The next time book club came on my radar screen was when we lived in Lawrence Kansas and this time I did participate and thoroughly enjoyed it. When we moved to Indiana one of the first things I did was start a book club and that bookclub is actually still going strong. When I moved to Massachusetts I, again,could not resist the urge to start a book club . Wow, time has really flown, book club here has been going for three years. I took a small break from bookclub here and turned the responsibility over to someone else. Sometimes life gets a little full and overwhelming and you have to back off. I missed it but I can not stand to go to bookclub and have not read the book and that was what was happening....um yeah, I confess, it has happened the last two times there has been book club....ugh :) Also, I had a moment where I felt a little insecure in who I was and how I fit in. But my break is over and I am back as fearless book club leader.

It is amazing when I think of all the books I have read that I otherwise, never would have. I confess I like most of what I read. I can not think of a book I have hated. I can always glean something from any book I read. If I just sit in silence for a minute and let titles pop in my mind from 15 years of bookclubs.....Nicholas and Alexandra comes to mind...so fascinating and yet sad how a child's hemophilia affected a whole country the way it did. The Princess Bride....yes, the book is better than the movie....gasp, can you believe I said that? Bookclub is about reading things you would never read otherwise. So many times I have procured the book for the month and just stared at it, not feeling motivated, and then pulled myself together and ended up reading an amazing book. I have been greatly rewarded by giving each book a chance :)

Okay, this blog is not really as surfacy as it seems I have been seriously mulling over the book we read for book club last night....Tuesday's With Morrie by Mitch Albom. Have you read it? Yeah, you should :) I won't summarize the whole thing for you and bore you to death but I am thinking so intently about two thoughts from the book.

Morrie is a college professor who is dying ever so slowly. And Mitch has been one of his students in the past....a favorite? And he comes to visit him on Tuesdays. There are a list of things they talk about each time. Morrie shares his wisdom with Mitch. It is truly amazing. Things you already know but need to be reminded of. Although there is one time that Morrie gives some advice that caused me to stop and really ponder.

They are talking about emotions and Morrie declares that you need to let an experience completely penetrate you because the only way you are ever able to leave those emotions the experience brings is to experience them fully. Yeah, I know, I was lost at this point too. But he goes on to explain how you can take any emotion...love for someone, or grief, or fear, or pain....etc. He says if you hold back those emotions and do not allow yourself to totally go through them you can never get to the point you can be detached from it because you are too busy being afraid. By allowing yourself to dive into the emotion, all the way in, over your head, then you are able to fully and completely experience it. Then you know what pain is. You know what love is. And when you know what something is then you can recognize it. Then you can say "Hey, I recognize that emotion. Now I need to detach from that emotion for awhile." It is the strangest idea to me. I can not wrap my mind around what this means. Morrie talks about how he recognizes fear how he feels when it is around...how he recognizes the texture, the moisture, the shiver down his back of fear, and because he recognizes it he can say to his brain, "okay, this is fear lets back away from it." You know how sometimes you will recognize an emotion coming and you stop it because you are afraid of expressing it? I wonder if this is what he means....don't stop it. If you become familiar with it then you can learn how to not let it control you. I am dying to discuss and discuss this idea to death so that I can understand it but no one really likes to play that game with me :)

I know I said there were two thoughts from the book that caught my attention but my little girls need to get on the bus and I have a day with something scheduled every minute so I will blog about the second thought tomorrow and it will be oh, so fun :) You love things to look forward to :)

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