Jun 12, 2011

Happiness Schmappiness.

Happiness is on my mind today. Is it strange that I have never really thought about it? I just may be one of those people who took happiness for granted and just assumed I had it....gasp, I know!! So we already know that the first thing I simply must do when musing about a word is go straight to the dictionary and today was no different. I was very overwhelmed by the definition of happiness, I had to just stare at the words for a minute...all of my favorite words were there...all having a party without me...bliss, contentment, pleasure, joy, exhiliration, delight...even enjoyment was there..."happiness results from the attainment or posession of what one considers good." So, of course, I started thinking what do I consider good? What makes Jennifer happy?

Making someone else happy makes me oh so happy.
Knowing that someone else knows what I am thinking makes me happy.
The wonder and beauty of the world makes me happy.
When someone around me sees a small detail in me and how I live and acknowledges it I feel happy.
When I do something that I was afraid to do I feel happy.
When I finish something that was hard I feel happy.
Someone unconditionally listening to me as I ramble on and on also seems to create the happy thing for me
Rollercoasters definitely make me happy
And when my seeds come up in my garden I do feel happy

SO, I think that about covers what makes Jennifer happy. Yeah, I do look a little high maintenance huh? :)

I have lots of questions about happiness. If you found complete and utter happiness would you do anything to keep it? ANYTHING? Is it that important to you? Is happiness different for everyone? Does it depend on your personality if you can live with only occasional happiness or if you need complete and utter happiness 24/7 ?


C Tam said...

Have you read the Happiness Project yet? Gretchen Rubin?

I like your list. Sort of reminiscent of "when the dog bites, etc." Maria counting "these are a few of my favorite things."

Chrispy Critter said...

Oh I was just going to recommend the Happiness Project. I LOVED it!

Melissa said...

Glad your back! Jared just got a book called "The How of Happiness". When I saw him reading it I was worried that maybe he wasn't happy but turns out he was doing some "professional" research. I might pick it up to make sure that I'm happy...