Jun 9, 2011

Have You Been Waiting? :)

Oh hello blank blogging rectangle I have missed you. So much has happened since November 2010 when we were last together. I am staring at this blank blogging rectangle thinking about all that I could fill it with but there is just too much. I long to write it all but I am going to make an executive decision and just start with today. Maybe in the future the past can hang out with present here in the blank blogging rectangle :)

So if we start with today we should probably blog about the word waiting. How do you feel about waiting? Are you good at it? Can you hardly wait to wait? :) According to Webster ( a dear friend of mine) waiting is defined as a pause, interval, or a delay. I was born 8 days early so I guess you will know that I have never been so good at waiting. I plant my garden way too early. I talk before I think. I only put $20.00 of gas in the car at a time....takes too long to fill it. Too many exciting things to see and do and wonder about to be waiting for the gas tank to be full...right? :)

Strangely, in the last six months I have caught glimpses of a waiting kind of Jennifer. I really like her. She is calm. She is still. She sometimes prefers looking to talking. She is confident and strong. She is in mortal combat with the non waiting Jennifer at the moment. Sometimes it takes her a few days to wrestle impulsive, panicky, fast Jennifer to the ground. Everytime waiting Jennifer finally beats non-waiting Jennifer down I think this is the last time I surely have finally learned to be slow and methodical and "waiting like."

I think the worst kind of waiting is the waiting with no date on the calendar. I mean, to my credit, I did wait seven times for nine months at a time for my children to arrive. I did wait 2 years for my missionary son to come home. But all those had a date I could look forward to. My new state of waiting has just plain old waiting involved.... the kind of waiting I have no control over and the kind of waiting that could end happy or sad....yeah, my favorite :)

So all a girl who is waiting can do at this point is have faith, be patient, and make a list. So here is my to do list while I am waiting:

#1. Lose my last ten pounds (yeah, I lost 20 pounds since I last blogged....do I write like a skinny person now?)
#2. Read Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card
#3. Finish reading The Great Bridge by David McCullough.
#4. Find a sand building competiton on a beach this summer and go to it.
#5. Hike Alander Mtn
#6. Run the 5K runs on Mondays at Stanley Park
#7. Cut out squares for a jean quilt
#8. Blog 5 times a week

I am sure I will think of more things for my list. But for now this gives me something to think about other than waiting. I know you want to ask but don't :) Waiting girl has also recently met quiet girl :)


Camie said...

I HAVE been waiting, and I'm so glad to meet you, waiting Jennifer. I am not good at waiting, so you will have to teach me what you have learned! And I hope I don't have to wait too long for your next post!

Jenny Jackson said...

I thought it would never come! I am glad you blogged. :) I am also learning to be better at waiting, but it is difficult.

Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

I myself have a hard time waiting! It says you don't have control of a situation. Being a control freak, I have issues with that:). I've learned from experience that 'waiting' does give you a chance to reflect on who you are and and gives you the breathing room you need to get a different perspective and appreciation of things! Let me know how you do on the waiting part... You are stronger than you think!

Rebecca S. said...

I sure hope one of those blogs will be about your garden! I need to see what a garden is SUPPOSED to look like.